Wednesday , April 14 2021

The court of Excisador Kosice added the judgment

A special court in Pezinok on Monday decided on a replacement sentence for Ľuboš Kosík, who was illegally sentenced to EUR 2.4 million in 2015.

Since he did not pay a fine of EUR 100,000 to the court, the court decided to replace four years in prison. The decision is not yet valid. TASR told STS spokesman Katarína Kudjakova.

"The court ordered the convicted person to commit a four-year four-year prison sentence imposed by the STS in 2015. The court awarding the judgment to the institution for the maximum amount of imprisonment. The sentence is wrong because the defendant has filed a complaint against him, "the spokesman said.

In 2015, the STS decided its vineyard for counterfeiting and counterfeiting he has imposed 14 years' imprisonment in custody for the maximum guard. In addition, he was paid a financial penalty of EUR 100 000, which he did not pay, including a Monday session.

In August 2016 a European arrest warrant was issued in Kosovo. Zwas arrested by the Mali police where he should be held. The SR Ministry of Justice has not yet written any new facts, at a press conference by the Ministry of Trade and Industry TASR Alexandra Szakalová told the Slovak authorities about possible new information on Kosice's possible posting from Mali to Africa.

The former elite police and member of the Slovak Information Service (SIS) also participated in the kidnapping of younger Michal Kovac in 1995. Michal Hrbáček, an official of SIS, encouraged the entire operation and the order announced by SIS Jaroslav Svěchota, then Deputy Director-General. In January 2018 Kosik claimed that he wanted to terminate this case and that the kidnapping was ruled by the current leader of SIS Ivan Lex.

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