The number of existing diseases of mosquitoes in the Trebišov area has risen again


Especially non-inoculated children are ill.

6.11.2018 at 15:02 TASR

Trebisov. The number of mosquitoes in the Trebišov area has again increased, and the National Public Health Institute has reported 33 cases.

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Most of the six are sick Sečovce and Parchovany, where they are nine.

There are three cases in Trebišov and Hrčel, and one case in the villages of Plechotie and Kravany told the spokesperson Daša Račková of the Public Health Institute (ÚVZ).

The number of district illnesses has risen since September.

"The Trebišov Regional Public Health Office provided anti-epidemic measures in the event of a disease in cooperation with healthcare providers, school institutions and assistants," the spokesman said.

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The most sick among children

The diseases are particularly relevant for poor hygiene conditions.

In most cases, children who have not yet reached the required age for compulsory vaccination against measles are observed.

Epidemiological research continues.

This year a total of 37 diseases were reported in the Trebišov area.

The earlier measles epidemic in the Michalovce and Sobranc districts was discontinued, the last condition reported on 20 September 2018.


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