Under the Antarctic, scientists have found a lost continent


No, it's not a myth of Atlantis.

We still do not know much about Antarctica, even though we have already sent countless riders to this inhospitable marshland. The everlasting snow and its surrounding crypt cover many mysteries beneath the surface. Some of us have known us for a long time, but many are left with ice. Humanity waited a long time for our technology to be able to get to the south in detail and finally did it.

The European Space Agency built-in satellite is called Gravity Field and Steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer, its role was in 2009-2013 to map the Earth's gravity field. Specifically, scientists were interested in how acceleration of gravity accelerated rapidly and what differences between the vertical and horizontal effects of the gravitational and vertical field.

Under the Antarctic, scientists have found a lost continent

Along with seismic activity, they were able to bend the 3D model of tectonic layers on the terrain.

"These gravitational images bring revolution to our knowledge of the least-known continent of Antarctica" "The author of Fausto Ferraccioli.

Thanks to the new technology scientists have shown it find the remnants of suburban continents under the Antarctic ice.

"In East Antarctica, we see a mosaic of interesting geological features that reveals the fundamental similarities and the difference between the shell between Antractus and other continents to which it joined 160 million years ago" Ferracciol explained.

Under the Antarctic, scientists have found a lost continent

The study also showed differences in East and West Antarctica. The western part has a considerably thinner bark and a lithosphere-like plate, while the eastern part, consisting of mountainous regions and ancient rocky crustal regions known as Kraton, is much thicker.

The Kraton are the oldest parts of the lithospheric planet and can provide much information about the planet's broadest history. Very similar phenomena, which the researchers also found Australia or India, with which Antarctica was nearby.


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