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VIDEO Hamšík wants to go back to the game: words on the night but Stoch

Picture is footballer Marek Hamšík at a press conference
Picture is footballer Marek Hamšík at a press conference

ŠAMORÍN – Špilmacher Slovakia's national football team and 109 matchmakers at the starting points of team A team Marek Hamšík also participate in the first appointment of new Czech coach Pavel Hapal against Ukraine (16 November in Trnava) and in the Czech Republic (19th November in Prague). They decided on Slovakia's performance in Group B of the European Nations.

Saturday morning at Šamorín The Italian SSC Napoli 31-year-old midfielder did not want to return to the events of October – a home defeat with the Czech Republic (1: 2), the "melee" and the seven players' detachment that led coach Ján Kozák to withdraw from the Slovakian trainer. "Everyone is so smart to realize that a mistake has been made and I've done it myself a few years ago, and we, the foreign players, have not felt like that when we go back to the clubs, and it is certainly a place in Slovakia. We were browsing the articles in the newspapers, on the Internet, it was not easy but it's behind us, now we have to focus on football and it's back to the game " Hammic said.

Slovakia has not lost the League of Nations, it is in the last third place, three points behind the other Czech. The head of Ukraine has 9 points and has already gone to the elite A division. "We play against Ukraine at home in Lviv (autumn of September), and we are expecting a Czech derby, which is never known. In these two duels, we definitely have success, both are good competitors, we have been equally flat match with them, we can win, we can play, it just depends on the details. win the European championship in 2020, " Marek Hamšík, who thanked the Slovak Embassy "to set up" Sena for the transfer of Šamorín: Everything is top-quality, high-quality gym, quality lawn, whole complex, and it's good. "

Hamšík also enjoyed the Slovakian A team's new coach. "Haiden Hapal found time and came to me personally to Naples, it was professional, nice and good for him, I appreciate it very much and we see how it goes. I know some basic things, I know roughly what my thoughts are, We do not have many days get to know each other better, lighten up and prepare for the first game. We'll solve this week, personally curious too. "

A creative midfielder also expressed Miroslav Stoch's return to the national team after a 2.5-year break. "" Mini "has been invited to make a presentation, I do not see any problems, he is a quality player, a technical footballer who can do a lot in the fight and I am glad that he is here, pointed out Marek Hamšík, who came from Napolis cold and well tuned: "We have taken the matches either at the Lige or Italian league, and we have a good start, even though Juventus is still a bit off the Serie A and we are trying to keep up the good results, move the Champions League eight and closer to the Turin club as much as possible. "

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