Tuesday , April 20 2021

Faster Internet is also for mobile users

DNS is now also available for Android and iOSDNS is now also available for Android and iOS

Want a faster and safer Internet? To use the DNS server, use It is available to everyone but you can create it in just a few easy steps. From now on, it's also available for Android and iOS devices.

What is this and how does it work? The matter is extremely simple. Each time you enter a webpage such as www.google.com, you will not understand this computer in your browser. The internet is mainly a collection of interconnected computers that are used to using binary data or data format in the form of numbers. For this reason, when you enter a web page, it is translated as a numeric record by using the Domain Name Server (DNS) server.

It is this server that depends on how quickly you see the desired webpage. Namely, if the server is slow and can handle a large amount of data at a time, it may delay the use of a particular website for several seconds.

It is also important that such a server is unobtrusive and reliable. Most Home users use domains as much as an inadequate Internet service provider that the user can follow every step or every visit to a website. This is why your ISP can quickly find out which web pages you visit and how long you will stay there.


Cloudflare, with servers from all over the world, is mainly behind this domain and is intended primarily for users with their own website.

Their servers are the safest and most reliable in the world, and they are also unobtrusive because they do not store data. That's why browsing the World Wide Web is quicker and more private.

The app can easily be downloaded from Google Play or from the App Store.

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