Sunday , May 9 2021

He's jealous because I understand Aneta

When they are Nik, Alexander and Franko cleaned up, took the last minute and told Nick that he was disturbed. He does not like Nick sleeping an hour longer than others. He immediately defended himself, as if he did not care, or to drink coffee for an hour or even to spice up. "I do not need coffee," she glanced at Frank. He is convinced that he is only envious of him because he is well understood Aneto. "He does not like me from the beginning, not even less. Less than I have to contact him, it's better," Nik said.

Because of milk, Aneta and Mr Denis. This week he is responsible for producing three meals a day. For no rice, Denis confused her, but Aneta insisted that this was not necessary. "I do not need anyone who wakes me up", was angry with Styrian.

Cooking is not the only task that has fought Denisa. Lara also ordered her to take care of cattle herds. "I am glad that he is a shit," he said, Sabina, when Denis kidnapped the manure.

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