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Martian farewell, unknown Serbia came to visit

Waiting for worse results led to Petrol Olympics' leadership in looking for a new coach. Zoran Martić would no longer lead the first team. The team leader found a replacement for him. Serbian expert Aleksandar Nikitovic came to Ljubljana.

Petrol Olimpija is in the Champions League after six games after one win in the ABA league after eight matches with two scalpels, while in the national team he has four wins and two losses.

Gasoline Olimpija Bayreuth Champions League


"Coach Martic is blown, the changes are promising!" #video




Since the results are not the same as the club's management predicted, it was understandable in the air that the fate was understandable Zoran Martić, who commented on the team's three fronts. It has now become clear that he will not train the Ljubljana team in the future.

The management has already found a way to replace it. The Serbian coach came Aleksandar Nikitović, which is unknown to the wider audience.

During his basketball career he had a red star jersey mts, Obrenovac, Umka, Doboj and CSU Sibiu. He started working as a co-driver for Duško Vujošević in 2004 in Partizan, Belgrade. Then he moved to the Belgian black-and-white Red Star, where in mid-March 2011 he also took over the head coach and ABA League leaders and the Serbian national championship.

The change was necessary and no new reinforcement was anticipated

Roman Lisac believes Aleksandar Nikitovin.

Roman Lisac believes Aleksandar Nikitovin.
Photo: Urban Urbanc / Sportida

"After the weaker start of the season, in the early autumn, we decided on Sunday to agree on a contract with coach Zoran Martic. After the year 2008, Petrol Olympics has an alien basketball expert on its bench with the same team structure and has tried to raise and bend basketball players in our games, we do not expect any further reinforcements at this time because we are sure that the team is of the highest quality to achieve a higher level and achieve the goals set before the start of the season We all want the team to start playing as soon as possible which will bring better results and thus restore the fans of Arena Stožice At this point we thank coach of Martic for everything he has done in the past and at the beginning of this season, but at the same time he assured that the name of the national champion was again in the show for the second consecutive year, "said the club's manager Roman Lisac.

"Raise international competitions"

Nikitovic's goal is to raise the team on the scale.

Nikitovic's goal is to raise the team on the scale.
Photo: Vid Ponikvar

39-year-old Nikitović also emphasized his basketball model in the Serbia national team, where he won the EuroBasket 2009 defeat in defense training in Poland by Dušan Ivković in Poland and two years later he was a member of EuroBasket 2011 experts in Lithuania. He played with the Serbian national team at the World Cup in Turkey in 2010 and Serbia ended the race in third place, where he lost to Lithuania and was ranked fourth.

"The basketball club Petrol Olimpija Ljubljana is a great honor to invite and there is even greater honor to become part of such an organization as Petrol Olimpija. In the coming season, we have several goals and certainly the most important thing to get out of the charts. We are currently at the top of the ABA League and Champions League, and in both races we want to show the best performance in the next games we will focus primarily on strengthening the position in the ABA league, and in the coming weeks we will go to the lower house teams when we meet with the FMP with a reputable holiday during which we strive to be as efficient as possible with players and get used to new games , which hopefully brings with it positive results ", Nikitovic's words were transferred to the Ljubljana species.

He is attached to a bench assistant Goran Tadic. The team leaves Turkey on Tuesday morning, Wednesday with Wednesday midweek with the seventh round of the Champions League, Besiktas.

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After six victories, Olimpija won only

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