Saturday , February 27 2021

Razer presents its mask with LED lights

Razer mask
The Razer mask is coming to market

Razer claims to have developed the smartest mask in the world. The mask is called Project Hazel, and they say it will revolutionize the world of masks. N95 respirator, water resistance, recycled plastic, scratch-resistant, microphones, air filtration and transparency. Fortunately, we do not currently have a price or release date for all of this, as the mask has not yet been approved and confirmed by those responsible.

Razer mask, like any of their products

In an interview with Verger, Razer said he was working with healthcare professionals and researchers to create the mask. Because the creator is a Razer, the mask has a real playful and futuristic look from a single gas mask. Project Hazel includes two filters that clean the air you breathe and the air you breathe. They also added that it will receive the necessary certifications to clean 95 percent of the airborne particles, including COVID-19 and other pathogens.

Black version of the Razer mask
Black version of the Razer mask

Both filters, which are placed in the mask at the corners of the mouth, are removable and allow refilling. Razer has not yet released information on how to use the mask and how effective the mask is at all. However, they hinted that they would be notified of the mask’s operation through the mobile app.

Microphones and amplifiers are also installed in the mic, which transmit our sound through the mask. Here, Razer works with experts and THX sound designers to make the sound as flawless as possible. Despite all the technology it carries in itself, the mask is very comfortable. But it wouldn’t be a Razer mask if it didn’t have traditional LED lights. Both filters are tinted in the dark with classic Razer lights that illuminate the mask and allow our interlocutors to see the mouth.

The release date and price are not yet known.

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