This is the daughter of Darja Gajšek


Darja Gajšek he did not even be surprised for a moment when she and her husband decided to get to Emo's daughter's cave. "Due to the nature of my work, it was a bit of an occasional kind of protection, and since September 1, she is in the church, and she did not need special introduction because her fast-paced acquaintances are with people she does not know," says Darja. Emma is more peaceful.

"This is nice, but you can not set yourself yet. If one of the children wants their toys, he will leave it without a ticket. He just keeps a small, cuddly toy without which he does not go anywhere, and of course he is in the nursery."

Get up on the wall …

Of course, like all the little kids, Emma is sometimes sucked. "When I paint it on a wall in color, it looks at me, and though
I say no, for this will continue. Then take all the fabric and his art by removing it."

The profound leader of the Slovene greeting he is finally horrified at his sleep, and he does not even say how he would be if he had another baby now. "I really can not imagine that I have another child. Emma needs me the most because she learns to walk, talk, and much more. I hope we can do it nicely. "


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