Saturday , February 27 2021

Fourth Shoot the same day the Evening Post

Tonight this Friday, another resident in Malmö will be building this time in Rosengård.

"It's too early to say whether they have any contact, we are dealing with them as a separate shotgun," says Ulmas Olsson, Malmö Police Officer.

No one was in the wounded home.

"There has been a fired shot there, but no one was at home so nobody was hurt," says Ulrika Olsson.

22 crevice holes during the evening

Earlier on Thursday night at 21.38 several people called and reported that they had heard big bangs in the area of ​​Bellevuegården.

The police sent several patrols to the area to investigate the information.

Immediately after 22 o'clock, the police found several bullet holes on a flat door and a wall in a stairwell to a multi-family house. There were people in the apartment, but the person did not look hurt.

The staircase was blocked and criminal investigations were ordered.

Large resources were added

The police had a lot of resources and questioned the residents in the apartment and other witnesses.

"We hear the people we need to hear," said Rickard Lundqvist at the South Police Station.

The event was classified as an assassination attempt.

The professions are the third and fourth in Malmö day.

Chef 01:44 pm on Thursday, a 20-year-old man was fired by shooting outside the Burger King at the Furniture Department.

Being in relationship

On Thursday afternoon several shots were released from the table-top at Docentgatan. At that time there were residents – but nobody was hurt.

– Of course we are investigating whether there is a connection between these events. There are similarities, says Rickard Lundqvist.

– We're looking at links between people, events, or addresses. Coordination exists even though there are separate studies.

"We are just in the beginning of the investigation, and we focus on gathering facts, certificates and evidence, but the question is fully justified.

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