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Johan Ljung, Managing Director of XXL, thanks the evaluation


XXL employee says: "Was a bad cutting knife in children's shoes"

ofAnders Johansson

One of the XXL employees felt bad about cutting clothes and shoes – because they were burning.

But it should have been a clear order.

– It hurts me when I wanted to cut a pair of kids' shoes, says a former employee who wants to remain anonymous.

Aftonbladet's exposure to XXL's new, fully usable clothing and sports equipment has received a huge response.

Many other chains have heard and told about similar circumstances: they are ordered to break clothes and other things that come back – although in some cases they are not.

It should also have happened in XXL's shop in Sisjö in Gothenburg, where the Group's current CEO Johan Ljung was previously a store manager.

The employee believes that Johan Ljung ordered it directly.

"Dispose of zippers"

– I was told to destroy the returns that came to the store. Shoes, helmets, clothing and all kinds of sports equipment.

– The boss gave me a knife and said: And then you can cut the shoes so that it is really guaranteed that they can't be used? Wait now, I said, should I destroy these things? Yes, the boss said. Cracks crack, it is good that zippers are destroyed so that they cannot be used.

– I was so upset about this, naive as one. But it was one of the tasks. It was their policy.

1/5 | Photo by Andreas Jakobsson

Aftonbladet's supplier found thousands of dollars in the XXL store.

"May be Donated"

The former employee tells us that all the possible sports equipment was broken.

There were no defects in the goods?

– Some things were just a Monday copy, some things were broken but not really all!

Can they just as well donate to poor people?

– Absolutely yes! I said several times: Should I really do this?

The former XXL employee also wants to emphasize that only XXL is not unique in the destruction of clothes, shoes and other objects.

– Suppliers insist that complaints be destroyed instead of responding to suppliers and receiving returns. Instead, the responsibility lies with the stores. Of course, XXL and other companies have to oppose the rules of the suppliers, but there is money.

XXL CEO: "Complied with Agreements"

Johan Ljung says that many years ago as a salesman and also as a former department store manager, he always followed the industry standard procedure, the company's routines and written binding agreements.

As CEO, he says about leadership:

– It's a complaint, not a return, it's a major difference. It makes sense that a company that produces results does not break new goods instead of price. Unsupported goods that are not owned by XXL, according to several supplier agreements – if they are not returned to the supplier – must be rendered unusable before being disposed of on recycling vessels. Many complaints are broken or incomplete, which is why the consumer has advertised them.

– The advertised bicycle helmet can look full and look fresh and fresh, but it can even pose a danger to the user.

"An Important Industry Problem"

Why make complaints useless, Johan Ljung doesn't want to answer.

"It's better that the question is given directly to journalists," he says. This is an important and current issue in the industry that concerns the entire sports industry and retail trade.

Johan Ljung also notes that Aftonbladet's review has already led to changes.

– The growing journalism that has arisen as a result of this article has drawn attention to the need for us to review and develop the recycling of textiles, which we have been very concrete this week. Such feedback is very valuable to us because we always strive to improve.

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