Sunday , April 11 2021

Listed on television – now he comes here – Linköping –

Some say that Sarah Klang hit the day when he made two tracks on "On the Track" in January. But Sarah Klang all started well in time.

"After the game has been a lot of fun, very powerful time. But for many, it seems that everything happened overnight, and it is not like this. I've spent some time before this also," says Sarah Klang.

However, the result for the beginning of the year produced some signs. Klang was already busy at gigs all over the country, but "On the track" all the tickets were sold out.

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Sarah Klang is not the first time in Linköping last March.

"It was so much appreciated," he says.

Sarah has always dreamed of living music. But dreaming of something and believing that it really can come true are different things.

"I always knew that, so I want to do. But it is important to grasp it. There are many and many say that it is impossible.

Sarah tells about the environment that focuses on research and jobs, so it has to be done. How hard it is to really rely on music.

"It's also hard to see this as a job, I love this, it's my passion, but I've had a full-time job at a restaurant and nursery where you can get back to work, and this may seem overwhelmingly luxurious, doing what you're passionate about, and not everyone can do it , says Sarah Klang.

Life as an artist is, of course, not the only thing. 70 pieces in the summer and two major tours this year, can at least be emphasized. And there is self-assessment.

"But you have to live with it.

In February, Sarah Klang released her debut album "Love in the Milky Way" and the song "Left me on fire" was released quickly. His music has been called Earth and American, but Sarah does not have such a big part.

"It's a weak music," he says.

On November 17, Sarah Klang is about to attend the Linköping Concert and Congress as part of a great tour that had just begun in Uppsala.

"It's fun to travel around Sweden," he says with laughter, by comparing squares and variants of different squares.

– Anyone who came last, may gladly come again. That's fun, says Sarah Klang.

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