Thursday , February 25 2021

Michael Moore keeps interrupting Oscarstal – Culture and Entertainment

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore won the first and so far Oscar movie "Bowling for Columbine 2003". In the public, he used the opportunity to call George W. Bush's current presidency "fictitious." He condemned the war of Iraq with coarse words and greeted them both thanks and bureaucrat before the orchestra started calling to interrupt him.

On Saturday night, Critics' Choice Documentary Awards were held in Brooklyn, New York. Actress Robert De Niro rewarded the award and called Michael Moore "a true American hero," writes Indiewire.

Moore then used the audience to hear the entire Oscar from beginning to end. He talked to him about how his upbringing in the United States "rust-belt", industrial areas, prompted him to believe that he did not have the right to be heard publicly. He finished his speech with a memorial of his documentary group.

"We are not just in war, but we have a president who has declared war on democracy and for us." Continue to remove the cameras because you can be America's last defensive line. Hopefully, a line that can build the country to which he is going to destroy, "he said.

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