Thursday , April 15 2021

Norrtåg and the rail company are rusting in the winter – here are plans to offer more satisfied tourists

Train from Norrtåg to Botniabanan south of Umeå. Photo: Peter Garpefjäll / archive photo

"The most important thing for our tourists is that the traffic is working and that you get clear information quickly so that you know what is going on or whether you can plan for disturbances Norrtåg and the train company are doing a number of important steps to make trains return faster and hire more trains Although the Swedish Ministry of Transport to build more fire, it will be driving, so we can also strengthen our ability to cope with wild accidents, so your passengers will suffer as little as possible, says Maria Höglander, Managing Director of Norrtåg AB in a press release.

Measures Norrtåg and the train company tasks are:

► Returns back to traffic with an expanded workshop to handle more newspapers, maintenance and repairs. Norrtåg's largest investment since launching with the Uumaja Workshop's new lobby.

► A few trips have to be made by hiring an extra train this winter and next year the fleet will be added by three more trains.

► Reduce downtime after a new accident on the front of the train.

► Increasing vehicles in traffic by improving workplace practices and increasing vehicles for winter transport.

► Better information for passengers.

Norrtåg invests in the new hall in Umeå's office to better care and repair and increase future traffic. It is the company's largest investment since its launch. According to the design, the hall is ready until December 2019 and costs are estimated to be SEK 61 million.

Norrtåg and Train Company also rent an extra train this winter. Next winter, the fleet will continue with three more trains, one being used as a charger. This means doubling the reserves fleet and reducing baggage due to lack of vehicle.

Improving information for tourists is an important part of winter requirements, says Norrtåg AB. Faster decisions and new organization will be announced and a new service will be added to the management team to ensure that passengers, customer service and all staff receive the same information at the same time.

The new system is introduced which updates text and website directly. All to speed up information with passengers. The customer also confirms the external player.

In connection with gaming events, there are some stops, and sometimes long delays. Even where you want to go, and shorten the time that will endure the game after the accident, cleaning and the train, the front of the train has a rubber fabric at the front and the front is split into several smaller pieces that can be repaired faster.

Vehicle maintenance plans are modified so that more maintenance can be done in the summer time. The railway company has introduced new routines that shorten the vehicle at a workshop.

In addition to winter, you have also added de-icing resources. Now three vehicles can be used per night as before.

Norrtåg AB and Tågkompaniet has also imposed demands on the Swedish Transport Agency, which is responsible, inter alia, for the railways being worthy,

► Enhanced snow removal and more and better vehicles for snow removal.

► Earlier speed in the extension of the trajectory along tracks. It is absurd that trains are expected to encounter wild accidents while protecting all the major roads.

Facts Norrtågstrafiken

Rail traffic in the four northernmost provinces runs from Storlien to Sundsvall, Umeå and Luleå, Kiruna / Narviki and in the near future to Haparanda. The traffic is divided into six sections with a total length of 150 miles. Every month some 140,000 people travel with Norrtåg about 400,000 kilometers. There are four types of train and a total of 19 trains.

Details Norrtåg AB

Norrtåg AB is a regional railway company established in 2008 and is owned by the four northernmost regions / provincial councils. Norrtåg is the acquirer and buyer of Norrtågstrafiken. Together with the owners, the company decides on a general plan how and under what conditions different routes must be run. Norrtåg AB provides a vehicle and workshop for a Umeå operator. Traffic takes place under the Norrtåg brand.

Facts Junayhtiö

The carrier Svenska Tågkompaniet AB has been acquired as a carrier and is a carrier who is in contact with customers and is responsible for the vehicle during the contract period. Vehicle maintenance is primarily carried out by Euromaint AB in Uumalla on behalf of the company. The railway company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NSB AS and belongs to the NSB Group and is currently active in North Rata, X, Värmland and Krösatågen from 9 December 2018.

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