"Otherwise, I would stop myself"


1 300 miles along the rails. It is Björn Ferry's true when the World Cup is in winter in Italy and Slovenia.

The 40-year-old SVT expert has been found to be fossil-free in 2025 and has not been on the aircraft for two years.

And a raft that receives studio jobs in Stockholm with a comment does not do it in the winter.

– I can not sleep there. I have to respond to the consequences. If SVT says I have to fly sometime, I say I can not decide for myself. But SVT did not have any problems, he says.

It's a very long train ride from Storuman …

"It's a nightmare, so most of the time goes there, then I have a half-day in Hamburg where I can drink locally produced beer or something, so it feels quite calm.

Ferry: Hanna Öberg can be dominant

The Skythe National Team won the Pyeongchang Olympic Games during its success and came home with four medals.

Sports has never been hotter from a blue-eyed perspective.

"Swedish skiing has never been so hot before, with both Hanna Öberg and Sebastian Samuelsson and the relay team, which is a top time," Ferry says.

The highlight of this season is undoubtedly the World Cup of Östersund.

– I dropped my medal for the Olympics and it was at the women's table. It is still the largest medal opportunity. I am one who never said six medals, because then they will be disappointed if they take five and then it is painted to be a failure. I wake up from the Olympics and I say two now in the World Cup.

How do you look at Hanna Öberg's chances?

"I think he can take further action, and if he does, he can become one of the world's greatest controllers, the most impressive thing I think was that he was pushing for pressure during the Olympic Games, and he culminated there," said Ferry,

– He really has the capacity. Now he has come to the point where the press grows. At the same time, he knows what he can. He has won the Olympic gold medal.

Shelves by Sebastian Samuelsson

Sebastian Samuelsson also gained a significant international breakthrough in South Korea and has been at the forefront of clean sports.

He boycotted Russian World Championships and was recently invited to the White House in Washington.

– It's respectable. He takes the consequences of what he says, and he already showed him when he boycotted Russia. He seems to be very talented. He has features outside the sport, which makes him very interesting. Then I'm not sure he had gone to the White House if he got a question in five years. He comes to the point when he realizes that he can not thank everything that I myself was not there. "I can not be so"

During the season, Björn Ferry works with my former national team colleague Helena Ekholm.

Björn Ferry from Helena Ekholm

It has been four years since Ferry presented the Ekholm mobina in his book "Ferry Tales". A stone like Ekholm is hard.

"It was worse in my life, worse than the failure of the Olympic Games, I was terribly sad and I was very upset about it, and it was a shock when I saw that I was a bullet and that it could not affect me." Ekholm said recently in SportExpress.

– I'm gone, but the scar remains. And I never forgive Björn Ferry for what he did.

Answer by Björn Ferry?

– I heard that he said so. It must resist her. I can not comment on it. Generally I say that SVT has much greater contradictions than ever before in the shooter, it was a storm in the water glass.

How do you think it works together?

– It feels okay. I had my suggestion that SVT should contact Helena. I told him the best way to take over Magdalena Forsberg. I called and chatted Helena before and got ready for SVT calling her.

"My relationship with him is like most of us, with whom I have been on a regular basis, we've been together for many years and won the World Championships together." We are a good team at the races, and this is a bit the same.


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