Sunday , April 11 2021

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games have at least a dozen times played only rock stars, and right. They have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to create games that include all moving stories with interesting characters in open worlds that offer pure exploration. The fact that their "portfolio" of the latest games budget often exceeds the biggest Hollywood movies does not just surprise, and Red Dead Redemption 2 does not seem to be an exception – on the contrary.

A well-designed and minute-detailed demonstration, slowly and surely, crashes into complex gameplay mechanics and "Van der Lind Time" is a cleverly curious storyline as a masterful way to start the story as it is proof of a robust, thoughtful and educational game design. At the end of this so-called prologue, a huge game world will be introduced in its entirety. What is contradicting a somewhat limited "prologue" surface does not only feel overwhelming but also attracts its beautiful views for exploration.

Violent characters such as John Marston, Susan Grimshaw, Lenny Summers and Hosea Mathews are not just interacting with each other and playing the main character of the game (Arthur Morgan) in movie sequences or story related events. Without a response to action, Arthur's clothing, even Arthur's well-being. Much because it is precisely the player's responsibility to take care of such guides when it comes to the main character. If he stretches out into a clay pot, he gets dirty, rides and lands and the rich around he grows his hair and breaks and eats. He is not thin and clumsy in more than one way. Such a detail is not far away, but finding such a thought for yourself is a great part of the game of games like Red Dead Redemption. That is why I try to be frugal with such curiosity.

Something else that actively pounds both characters and animals in the world is how they interact with the environment. The only idea of ​​artistic and technical contraction that needs to be kept behind so little details of how mute behaves when a leg or a paw is stamped in how the snow created when Arthur and his gang pulsate through it or how rain leaks both clothes, fur and earth , in short, is breathtaking. Just as this is not enough, the characters work with all kinds of objects in a way I've never seen. In short, it looks realistic when that character raises a paprika or picks the gun back to the stage. No cut, no feather movements, no weight in each movement and fixed bounds if the mark ends in the hand and the object begins.

With such a comprehensive, comprehensive and well-integrated world, one can obviously expect to focus on more important tasks. Of course Rockstar Games exceeds my expectations in so many ways that I do not even know where to start. But I still believe that the opportunity to hunt the animals is one of the best starting points. Not that the hunting of animals is a new thing in the gaming environment, but Red Dead Redemption 2 hunting can mean far more than shoot an animal and use body parts for cooking. Here hunting can also include animal skin refresh equipment for horns to create useful objects and exclusive fur to sell or sew clothes away. It can also mean a long way in the cold mountain peaks that require warm clothes, although it may mean different awards depending on how the hunting is going. Shooting the first best bear does not have to produce a qualitative coating, just as a shotgun should not give a nice box than a pair of well set pairs.

As long as this is not enough, players could also store clothes, weapons and ammunition such as meat, fur and horn somewhere. All this is not suitable for Arthur's pocket. And if the horse has not taken Arthur to the hunting area, there is probably a picture here. West Game has obviously not been a Western game but the ability to ride a horse, and the horse at Red Dead 2 is far more than a travel agent, it's also a stroller and in many cases Arthur's best friend.

In order to get as much of your horse as possible, it is important to create a strong bond with it. First, take care of it, brush it and feed it. But even by folding or soothing a hot sprint from a crowd of bandits. Managing his horse is rewarded with a partner who runs faster, is more persistent, more easily guided and takes more excitement when buying classes. There are also a number of different types of horses, some of which can be found in the wilderness and can be tamed while others can be bought in different cities. Everyone has different potentials for the relationship of endurance, speed, etc.

However, horse is not the only way to travel. You can also take a train that is one of many horse-drawn carriages in cities or get on your feet. There is a lot of choices and new opportunities are being opened. However, some cleansing "teleporting" that is usually found in other great open world games does not offer that may seem both good and bad at the same time. On the other hand, it may be frustrating to move to the wilderness and the city's life when you want to sell new sailing trips. On the other hand, the game never breaks the time and space game beautiful after all. Something I personally appreciate, especially when wildlife is not the only thing that can make time between the most important tasks.

Every time you travel, no matter in what direction, there is always something exciting on the road. If it is not the legendary deer that attracts, it may be a stranger who needs help with his horse, or a group of bandits are trying to rob. Alternatively, the snake is crushed out of forests and needs antidote, or the most confusing lantisers invite strangers to dinner. It may also happen that partners from "Van der Linden time" are driving over the conversation or that wild aliens offer Arthur to buy secret treasure chests. Or so … Yes, as you might understand, there is a very long list of things that can happen along the way to all the places you want to visit wilderness in the West. And believe me, this is just a fraction of all the exciting things that can happen on every huge world offered by Red Dead 2. Not to mention all the crazy combinations that all these events can lead to.

The game takes time, but the time it takes to do what it wants to do is essentially every two seconds. Not at all, when you combine all of the above-mentioned beautiful, beautiful touches, it combines beautifully featured Western inspired music pieces, a patch to a horse's nail polish, and a counterfeit yet unproductive bird. However, the chilling tempo may sometimes seem useless. At least in the heavier and tighter packs you sometimes want, it will not take quite some time to pick up a terrestrial weapon. Or that the body to be moved can not be so difficult to lift. Even though the pace in most cases increases the almost perfect atmosphere.

As much as you said, you may think that it is unlikely to be more talkable, but it actually exists. The last thing I want to mention is to control the game because it's too much … good, good, and bad. Each selection is made by quickly pressing keys or keyboards that require that you hold the same button for a long time. This layout allows the same button to be offered for many different features, but makes it more difficult to perform some functions "incorrectly". Connect this to another feature layer with the same button based on whether or not the right shoulder button is pressed. We have a rather complicated management program that takes a lot of time to learn. Something that may be inevitable in such a massive game, but I have a real complaint, one of two of my complaints. Despite this, there are bright snippets also in control schedules. Versatile and difficult steering layers leave room for easy to use fast features. An example is the ability to adjust the map size without having to access any menu or ability to change from a personality point of view simply by pressing only a few.

To summarize this review, I just want to say that there is no doubt that this game is your time. The game does not have one lost opportunity that gives everything from a large open world to small fine details both in the story and in the surrounding. I've never played a game that contains so much and high quality as Red Dead Redemption 2. Undoubtedly I doubt I'll spend as much time as I can in the wild west end of 2018.


  • Gripping the story
  • Interesting signs
  • Great surroundings
  • An extensive game in the world
  • Very detailed
  • Very versatile
  • Quiet fading speed
  • Scientists when it is the best
  • Horses and everything they mean
  • Field sports


  • Slower than sometimes tolerated
  • Complex monitoring program


written by: Sannie Jönsson

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