Sarpsborg: "Malmö does not do the job"


It was the evening when Malmö FF approached a higher European level.

And approaching the Malmo stadium between fog and darkness was an experience that created good.

The headlight light passed through a tight lid and the drums burned to a standstill far enough before being kicked.

Then the game started.

Malmö FF never managed to penetrate Sarpsborg's high tremin Press.

A beautifully placed ball put Johan Dahlin into a great position to score, and he did, with a clinical finish inside the far post.


Geir Bakke has been able to maximize inadequate game material with Sarpsborg and has his team so dedicated to his idea that if Bakke told his players to shoot the ball for his own goal, they would have done it without blinking.

Now it took 30 minutes before Malmö FF for the first time properly through the first Norwegian press.

And Uwe Rösler – who until now hated Johan Dahlin's Obama administration following bin Laden – shook his head as the home team scored 1-0.

But it did not change much.

It was said that the lawn of the Stadium would benefit from the MFF, but it did not succeed.

Speed ​​never rose. Dahlin's long balls win over the Norwegians.

The desperate Malmo FF rejected his idea.


Sören Rieks made a great first half on the left side, and at the same time the contradiction with Captain Rosenberg and MFF failed to find an offensive combination of games in the field to open a locked resistance.

We waited for the new MFF break, but when Rösler and the team made some change from the deadlock, they replaced their right back (Andreas Vindheim) and placed their right back (Eric Larsson).

Two minutes later, Sarpsborg took over the lead after defeating two offensive nicknames and defeating Lasse Nielsen and Eric Larsson as Patrick Mortensen got the ball.

At the same time Besiktas left Genk and the situation that looked so good to the blue sky was suddenly a hell.

But a copy of the multiannual financial framework came quickly and it was absolutely necessary.

Just like in the away match, from left to right there was a cross that opened Sarpsborg.

Bachirou struck it with frustration, Eric Larsson bowed, and Markus Rosenberg's nickname Joonan Tamm openly opened Marcus Antonsson.

1-1, but we can never say that Malmö FF was close to or even earned the lead goal.

Carlos Strandberg was replaced and Romain Gallia was the last five.

But then it was too late.


The home team had strong minutes immediately after the goal and the stadium won the victory.

The most dominating MFF was; after Eric Larsson pulled through the defense, the ball went in down the middle of the penalty area.

But instead of Antonsson or Rosenberg, MFF returns with his opponent.

Eric Larsson did not have a good shot but none had a quick shot.

After the MFF was warned, the game was suspended for more than one minute and five minutes before Malmö almost hit a well-off attack.

At the same time as Malmö FF has a weaker result, it is only a Norwegian league.

Sarpsborg succeeded in a second match in order to get Malmö FF to lose faith in his own idea.

Sarpsborg got one point for Malmö FF for the second match in a row.

Malmö's FF's dream of teamwork is a difficult, tough battle.

The small group in southern Norway objected that the multiannual financial framework would get six points and take the next step forward in group play.

Now you took two.

It is not enough.


At 1-1, it also means that the goal of the MFF out of the match in Norway has been recognized.

Nevertheless, the jump remains when Genk sent 1-1 against Besiktas.

For Malmö FF to fall forward, it is likely to be a win and a loss for the remaining two games – first in Genk at home from Besiktas – required.

It's a really difficult task.

And watching the matches against Sarpsborgia, Malmö FF will not do it.

Since the paper has matches against Genk and off the Besiktas matches, the MFF should not win.

Fortunately for Uwe Rösler, Markus Rosenberg and other Blowjobs, the multiannual financial framework is contradictory in order to be a better opponent in the European game.


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