Sunday , July 25 2021

We are ready to resolve a trade dispute

The countries have put in place pulling each other and focusing on the G20 meeting in late November and with Donald Trump and Xi Jinping. Trump has cheated additional duties by $ 267 billion.

"Both China and the United States want to see more trade and economic cooperation, and China is ready to talk with the United States on issues of mutual interest and work towards a mutually acceptable solution," he said.

He said that there are many problems in the world that require cooperation between China and the United States, and they are firmly convinced that both China and the United States will benefit from co-operation and lose the confrontation.

"Negative and angry are not a way of solving problems related to the economic problem, and barriers or disputes will not solve their own problems," he said.

USA and China It will come after Friday to discuss security issues.

Donald Trump said on Monday that he believes China wants to make a deal.

"If we can make the right agreement, the deal is fair, we will do it, otherwise we will not do it," he said.

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