Crackdown 3: Deadline, Cloud Destruction and Multiplayer Mode "Demolition Zone"


Xbox FanFest in Mexico will release Crackdown 3 for PC and Xbox One release date. The action game where the extra destructive part will be launched on February 15, 2019. The levels are said to be completely devastating and physical destruction takes place in the cloud (as originally announced) to produce a similar "destruction quality" on all platforms (Xbox One, Xbox One, PC),

"Give it a break in Crackdown 3 and fight crime as an agent in the superstars of sandbox chaos and destruction, explore the sky in a futuristic city, compete in the streets of a changing car, and use your resources to enjoy the campaigns alone or in co-operation with a friend online multiplayer requires an Xbox Live Gold subscription separately). "

Also called the multiplayer mode "Wrecking Zone", where two five-member teams are measuring their strength and using environmental destruction against their opponents.


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