Monday , March 8 2021

Denner pays more salaries to employees

Denner raises payrolls by 1.0 percent over the next year. The distribution of this salary increase is individual and performance-related. The Migros subsidiary also extends paternity leave from two to ten days.

Employees benefited most from rising salaries in sales and logistics, Denner said on Friday. Additions would also benefit younger workers and those with wages below the average. Denner rewarded the growing commitment of its growing employees.

According to his plan, Denner is in a good position in Switzerland's retail trade: Coop raises its salary by 1.0 per cent. Migros raises salaries to 0.5-1.0 per cent. Both are also in favor of individual additions that have led them to criticize the alliances.

Because of inflation, workers should lose their purchasing power without raising wages. The Swiss Federal Reserve expects inflation to be 0.8 per cent this year. Discounts Lidl and Aldi have not yet announced their wage increases next year.

Denner also announced that it would increase paternity leave. Fathers can now get ten paid paternity leave instead of two days. It is also possible to extend paternity leave up to two weeks for unpaid leave.

At present, a popular four-week paternity leave initiative is pending. However, Parliament may introduce a two-week paternity leave as an indirect counter-proposal. Ultimately, the National Council Education Committee explained this path. The Senate Council can now make a legislative change.

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