Gianni Infantino rejects the allegations


Fifa's boss seems to be inappropriate criticism. He wants to continue his controversial mega-projects – decisions will be made in March.

Fifa Boss Gianni Infantino (Photo: Jean Bizimana / Reuters)

Fifa Boss Gianni Infantino (Photo: Jean Bizimana / Reuters)

(AP) Fifa Boss Gianni Infantino sees himself as a constant campaigner for the assassination campaign and forbids all kinds of abuse after the latest Kungelei claims. "When it comes to Fifa, it is not illegal," said the chairman of the German Press Office's Football Association in Zurich on Wednesday. During his term of office, "no Franke has disappeared."

Infantino responded to the allegations of dishonest collusion with high-level leaders Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City with the United Nations Secretary-General. And he responded to the documented impact of e-communications on design activities in the new rules of the ethics committee announced by the World Aid Producers.

Infantino has been criticized since the beginning

Right from February 2016, he has been trying to weaken him. "Mattresses, flowers, flights, cars", he himself lists various topics that deal with alleged violations of rules during his presidency. Some of them themselves had made him the object of ethical studies. But, "I'm sorry that they did not find anything illegal," says the 48-year-old, ironically, referring to the latest reports jalkapallovirtojen platform.

Last week, Der Spiegel's newsletter, referring to Football Leaks, told Infantino's improper influence on FIFA's ethical rules. He was also told that he met Uefa office contracts with the best clubs in PSG and Man City in the Financial Fair Play (FFP) investigation. "There is no shame," Infantino said of his negotiations with club officers in 2014.

Perversely criticized but not his orders to revoke the term "corruption" as a criminal offense to ethical regulations should be abolished at the Fifa Council meeting in March in Miami. "That proposal sends a clear signal," said FIFA Chairman.

The World Cup 2022 is still unclear

According to Infantino, Florida is making various groundbreaking decisions. The possible rise to 48 world championships in the 2022 tournament in Qatar should then be corrected or dropped. However, he estimates his likelihood of achieving his preference by expanding the 16 teams.

"The chance is small, we'll try it, if it works, it's great if it does not work, it's great, we have a great World Cup," promised Infantino. Barriers are the expected resistance of the European Leagues and missing sub-organizations to the politically isolated Qatar in the region.

In Florida, June 14-15 At a meeting in March, Infantino also expects a decision on its sponsored mega project to launch the new Club World Cup and the United Nations World League. The working group set up in October in Kigali has done its job on its head.

The criticism of the enlarged club among the top European teams rejected Infantino. He, in turn, complained that football competitions were also announced to the Super League in several European teams. His Mammoth Club World Championship is a "better Super League" because it is organized in the structures of international federations. He could not imagine the Bundesliga without FC Bayern M√ľnchen, said Infantino, accusing the threat that Super League associations could be excluded from the World Championships.


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