Guy Lachappelle becomes the new Raiffeisen president


Raiffeisen delegations chose Guy Lachape as the new chairman of the board at a Saturday delegation meeting in Bruges. Basler's choice of Kantonalban's former CEO was "overwhelmingly more," he said.

(Photo: Georgios Kefalas / Keystone)

(Photo: Georgios Kefalas / Keystone)

(ELA). Co-op Raiffeisen has elected Guy Lachappelle as the new chairman of the board on Saturday at an extra delegation meeting in Brugg-Windisch. The delegates confirmed him overwhelmingly. In commenting on his election, Lachapelle said: "We take the lead with full coherence and strive to guide the Raiffeisen Group to a successful future."

Most observers had expected it, even though his appointment had led to some controversy.

Revised compensation system

In addition, compensatory elections were made. Current members Daniel Lüscher, Philippe Moeschinger and Urs Schneider resigned from the Raiffeisen Swiss government. The proposed reform of the panel was adopted at a meeting in plenary. Karin Valenzano Rossi, Andrej Golob, Thomas A. Müller and Beat Schwab are now represented on the board.

According to press release, the Raiffeisen Swiss Board's remuneration system has also been revised. Raiffeisen Switzerland will transfer a new salary related to the assignment. The new pay system provides for flat rates for basic prices and committee fees, covering participation fees and meeting fees. In addition to smoothing compensation, the government seeks to improve communication and governance.

The Board of Directors proposes to amend the Annual General Meeting at the delegation meeting in 2019 with banks taking into account the "Reform 21" program, in which the approval process for the remuneration and remuneration report of the Board of Directors is determined.

Report on despair

Continuous independent research conducted by independent lead investigator Bruno Gehrig and Homburger's team is well developed and is likely to be completed by the end of the year, Raiffeisen said.

The main results of the independent study presented by Bruno Gehrig at the extraordinary delegation meeting confirmed Finma's prudential assessment. Over the years, Raiffeisen Switzerland grew into the group by acquiring various shares by creating the necessary management and control mechanisms.

However, more detailed observations could not be released at this time. Thus, the Government fulfills the request of the Canton of Zurich General Prosecutor III.

The CEO of Raiffeisen immediately resigned on Friday night.


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