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Patrick Rahmen takes over for the time being – FC Basel resigns with coach Ciriaco Sforza

After the defeat against FC Vaduz on Easter Monday, the 51-year-old ends in red-blue. Patrick Rahmen will move on until the end of the season.

Ciriaco Sforza 1: 2 against FC Vaduz was the last match as FC Basel's head coach.

Ciriaco Sforza 1: 2 against FC Vaduz was the last match as FC Basel’s head coach.

Photo: Claudio Thoma (Freshfocus)

The day after the loss against FC Vaduz, FC Basel resigned with coach Ciriaco Sforza immediately. The club shares on his website because it was decided to take this step “because of the lack of success of the sport”. This means that the 51-year-old’s term in Basel will end in about seven months.

“The Sports Board came to the conclusion that the team’s performance and related results in recent weeks did not live up to expectations and that action was therefore needed,” the FCB said. During the last nine matches of the season, assistant coach Patrick Rahmen will take over the team for the time being.

“I want to thank the president and the entire association for this time in Basel. I was able to meet the positive people at FC Basel who supported the club on a daily basis despite all the background noise. I take it with me and wish FCB success, ”Sforza says.

The separation is no surprise, the facts and figures speak for themselves: under Sforza, the FCB has lost eleven games for the first time in the Super League season – and even before the start of the final quarter. Basler is the weakest team in the second half of the season and the weakest team of the year.

The Basel coach last had a similar low point on average in the last millennium. And the trend has been clearly downward lately. Even embarrassing 2: 6 in the Swiss Cup against FC Winterthur was not enough to wake up the team and its coach.

Of the last ten games, you won only one and lost six. And while the FCB didn’t necessarily need another argument to separate, the FCB delivered it 1: 2 against the bottom of the Vaduz table.

These are European places

After the game, Sforza had demanded that he reach the team as well as the players reach him. He wants to stay positive. “After all, it’s billed,” he said, as he had recently stressed on several occasions. But the results, combined with the table situation, meant that separation was inevitable.

After the defeat against Winterthur, owner Bernhard Burgener still had a trainer expressed trust. In the “blue” “home game” of the pay channel at the end of February, he said of Sforza: “We have a good impression, he’s standing there taking responsibility. I think it’s okay if he keeps his analysis in the house instead of trumpeting them in public.”

But now the FCB is in a situation where there have been no signs of improvement recently. The table locations that meet the conference league eligibility requirements are advancing further and further, while the end of the table is approaching. And Sforza seemed superior in all the chaos of the club, somewhere between the ownership dispute and Valentin Stocker’s absence.

Patrick Rahmen is likely to take the FCB team so far after resigning from Sforza.

Patrick Rahmen is likely to take the FCB team so far after resigning from Sforza.

Photo: Marc Schumacher (Freshfocus)

Patrick Rahmen temporarily takes over the team. The framework was in September as second assistant next to Daniel Hasler. Even then, it was suspected that with this transfer, Basler would have installed a successor to Sforza in advance. As is well known, the 52-year-old was already coming to the brink of FCB head coach in June 2019 – before the counterattack took place and Marcel Koller remained in office.

After all, Frame is still two years late. The premise is completely different than it was then: Now the former Aarau coach is trying to stabilize the team as quickly as possible and keep the FCB away from the table.

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