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Riddle about Hischiers failure – News Sports: Ice Hockey

New Jersey Devils suffered. Sunday's seven games in Tampa, Detroit, Brooklyn, Pittsburgh, Ottawa, Toronto and last Winnipeg ended with one victory (Pittsburgh 5-1) collapse and six losses, five of which. 12:33 was the overall goal in six bankruptcies.

On Sunday at 2:05 aircraft also became injured. Nico Hischier The game ended in mid-third damage that Devils did not explain. Like a "NJ Advance Media" group suspected of upgrading, it should be a cross-blister pack. This is supported by the fact that the center of Hischier with his recent changes left Bully's teammate Brian Boyle and Wallisers gestures when he was on the wrist.

Possibly an accident occurred in a third of the seventh minute. Hischier cut off his turn in a few seconds and with Rencontre's opponent Brandon Tanev. The movies are not final, but it seems that Hischier's wrist has hit Tanche's tancheck.

Did it happen here? Nico Hischier (left of the white screen) hits Brandon Tanev in Winnipeg.

How long Hischier longed for Devils was not known on Monday night. It is only clear that the devils need urgent number 1 to their center in the present sporting situation. (Mm)

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