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Riots in St.Gallen – Again riots in the center of St.Gallen +++ The situation has calmed down so far +++ about 1000 people on the spot

Again the riots in the center of St.Gallen +++ have so far calmed +++ about 1000 people on the spot

After last weekend, riots were reported again at St.Gallen over Easter weekend. On Friday night, about 200 young people initially gathered at the Red Square. After about an hour, the situation seems to be escalating. 1,000 people are away from downtown St.Gallen.

The young people set off for firecrackers at Bahnhofplatz.

The young people set off for firecrackers at Bahnhofplatz.

Photo: Michel Canonica



Pictures of the night in the gallery:


Looks like the worst is over. Most of the drive has been emptied. A small group still hangs around Merkurstrasse, but falls apart.


Police gathered the young people at Bahnhofplatz and besieged the square.


There is a fire at the intersection of St.Galler Canton Bank and UBS. Young people have gathered here, as they did earlier in the evening at the Red Square. Petards fly in the air. Police are equipped with gas masks, and some of the boys are wearing ski masks. In the background are young people who encourage those ahead.


At the bus station, the following is switched on again:


Young people run across the station square. Then 50-100 young people gather on Kornhausstrasse, in front of UBS. They throw pedards and sing songs.


Molotov cocktails are thrown at the police:


Shortly before 11 p.m., the red square appears to have been cleared. Only a few dozen young people stand in small groups, it is quiet. The church has disintegrated here.

Photo of the Red Square, taken shortly before 11 p.m.

Photo of the Red Square, taken shortly before 11 p.m.

Photo: Daniel Wirth


The shopping cart and bicycle are on fire:


Some of the boys going to the riot have lit a fire on Vadianplatz between the fountain and the bike racks and fed it. Police take a stand on the other side of the square. By the way, not only the city and cantonal police are in operation, but also troops from Schaffhausen to Graubünden.


City buses and the postal bus stop above Neumarkt on Teufener Strasse. Because deeper, young people block the trip. Police officers with signs will get up and encourage the boys away from Teufener Strasse if necessary:



The situation is very sensitive and can remain calm or turn around again. In the red square, the crowd moves slowly towards Neumarkt. Fireworks and bottles fly here and there. In front of Neumarkt, individual young people take part of the road construction site with them.


Reactions on social media are clear. Junge Mitten President Sarah Bünter writes:


The riots that have begun in the meantime have calmed down again. This led to a large collection. It is estimated that there are about 1,000 people from German-speaking Switzerland in the alleys of St.Gallen.


There is a bang from the direction of Red Square. At the same time it is quiet in the monastery square, far too calm. Some young people have come here too. “We want to enjoy the evening and be together for a bit.”


Mayor Maria Pappa was also there today. Interview:


First pictures of the second night of the riot:


City police are asking spectators to go home.


Meanwhile, the mood in Red Square has cooled down a bit and is no longer so aggressive. But that doesn’t mean there are fewer people on site. On the contrary, there are even more than last Friday. About 300-350 young people have gathered in the crowd at the Mamma Assunta pizzeria. It looks like they’ve come together again after their conversation. The police are monitoring the situation. Two passengers with suitcases pass in the middle.

9.30 pm

Hundreds of young people have gathered in the Red Square.

Hundreds of young people have gathered in the Red Square.

Photo: Raphael Rohner

Of course, not all young people are in a riot. There are also those who say they don’t believe in property damage. A young man wants to break a clothing store window in Multergasse. His colleague shouts “No, no, no” and pulls him forward.


A police helicopter is now circling over St.Gallen. On land, the police defend themselves with rubber bones.


Not only young people from St.Gallen or Eastern Switzerland are on site. The young people of Bern and Thun have also come. They like it in the town of St.Gallen. “Something’s going on here.” They want to go through the night. They won’t come home anymore.


Young people roam the city with guns in clubs and fireworks. The police are overwhelmed. He is able to surround the boys, but only briefly at a time.


The situation began to escalate soon after 9 p.m.

What happened so far

About 200 young people gathered at St.Gallen’s Red Square on Friday night – as they did last week. At first, the atmosphere is calm. The young people stand together in groups and discuss. The police are also there. As reported, he marks the presence and monitors the situation. Some boys started the fireworks with other applause from the youngsters.

Then suddenly the mood escalates. The audience is divided into several groups. One pulls through Multergasse towards the market square. The other stays on Red Square. Young people shoot with firecrackers. Police sirens sound. Local police seem to be overwhelmed as young people flee in small groups in several directions.

Mayor Maria Pappa and SVP leader Karin Winter-Dubs of the city parliament are also at the Red Square – working to negotiate so that the situation does not escalate. Winter-Dubs says, “Violence is not the answer, not even the frustrated.” When the situation seems to get worse, they both cover up.

Great property damage after the riots

A week ago, about a hundred people had come to the party in Drei Weieren. Police broke up the meeting peacefully. But then it decayed. At about 10.30 pm, more than 200 young people gathered at the Red Square. The mood became more and more aggressive. After all, the police estimated the property damage at tens of thousands of francs. One police officer was injured, there were numerous evictions and nine arrests. Demands for new riots were circulated in various media over the Easter weekend.

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