Robbie Williams's son (4) had health problems!


Robbie Williams (44) wife revealed the previously concealed family tradition! Ayda Field Williams (39) has founded a twelve-year-old family relationship with a musician for five years: in 2012 she gave birth to daughter Theodora (6) and two years later Charlton (4) and 2018, the couple again thanks the substitute for mother's female descendants. In fact, two stars keep their private life with children largely from the public. But now Ayda revealed that her boyfriend had health problems!

So Hey! magazine At the end of October, Ayda promised the Child of Courage Award at the Pride of Britain Awards in London, a venerable British Ella Chadwick (11) courageous fight for her rare kidney disease. He revealed that his little husband, Charlie, was also due to illness: "My son had health problems. Not as serious as Ella, but when a child is sick, they feel so vulnerable, so powerless. Nothing in the world is important until they are well again. So I can empathize with Ella's mother's concerns and pain. She is so uplifting, sweet, unwavering and cheeky, so uplifting, "he explained, touching.

However, Ayda's speech left open the question of what kind of illness it was and how long the family had to deal with it. So far, fans have not seen Charlton in front. The only Williams child they have already shown in full shape is their little daughter, Teddy. Princess Eugenie (28) weddings were one of the blossoms. What do you think about Ayda's decision to publicly speak about his son's illness? Tunes!

Robbie Williams with his wife Ayda with the Pride of Britain award in LondonGetty ImagesPicture Gallery button
Robbie Williams with his wife Ayda with the Pride of Britain award in London
Charlton Valentine and Robbie WilliamsInstagram / aydafieldwilliams

Charlton Valentine and Robbie Williams
Theodora Williams Princess Eugenie WeddingGetty Images

Theodora Williams Princess Eugenie Wedding

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