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So you can cultivate Titan and level up your weapons

Outriders are all about collecting equipment and materials. Titanium is a particularly sought after resource. In this guide, MeinMMO shows a cultivation method that allows you to cultivate titanium easily and also get valuable robbery.

How do you get titanium? In addition to the rare drops from bosses and mini-bosses, you can get the Titan by dismantling epic or legendary devices. So your robbery is the best source to get to Titan.

Why do you need it? Titan is required to lift devices from the Epic and Legendary levels to the desktop. Especially at higher levels and in the final game, you need Titan without end as costs increase.

That’s why we’ll show you a place to get epic items during every successful run and thus have a reliable source of titanium. Advantage: You can also build your buildings, unlock mods and happily unlock even legendary items.

Cultivation of Titan and Lot – Thus

What kind of farm is it? During the main story of the Outriders, you meet Chrystaloid. It is a powerful creature, but you can easily win. In Chapter Six of Chrystaloid, you’ll meet “Forest Enclave” as the game’s second boss – or fourth if you also count Gauss and Moloch.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Kill the boss
  • Return to the lobby
  • Select the corresponding story point there
  • Kill the boss again
Always stay covered when the boss starts screaming.

What is getting? If you’ve done it, the reward is an epic robbery every time. After the first kill, you even get a guaranteed, legendary drop.

For each subsequent kill you will now receive two epic outfits. This works even at world level 1, which is the easiest level of difficulty.

How do you beat the boss? It can be a little sharper, especially for solo players. The most common approach is:

  • In the first stage of the battle, you must immediately stand on the left side of the field
  • Be careful not to stand too far from the boss, otherwise you will do less damage
  • Align his shoulders, these are weak points
  • Avoid his attacks by covering up. The game shows attacks in the area, so pay attention to the red warning signs.
  • In the second stage, the insects spawn occasionally. Here you need to be careful not to be surprised as they will appear behind you when you are focused on your boss.

You can see the method in the JorRaptor YouTube video:

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With a group, you ideally need about two minutes for the entire procedure so you can cultivate epic robberies fairly quickly, dismantle them, and get titanium. In the past, there was another method: “Wanted” and “Hunter” tasks.

What kind of tasks are these? In Trench Town, you can unlock these types of quests that send you to search for monsters and villains. You also get guaranteed epic drops for these missions. But they cannot be repeated.

Remember that these methods are well suited to the story and path of the final game. As soon as you open the expeditions there, you have better ways to get Loot and Titan.

Have you tried these cultivation methods? Do you know other ways to get to titanium fast? Please write to us in the comments.

If you’re at the beginning of the game and already want to loot your prey, here’s a method for you: So you can epic loot in the Outriders without fighting

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