Wednesday , February 24 2021

The Kunstmuseum Basel sank in 2019 with a large cube show

In 2019, the Kunstmuseum Basel attracts a large Cube Judge. In addition, South African artist William Kentridge is involved in the program, and the guest exhibition resembles the 1000th anniversary of the Basel government.

The Kuningasmuseum Basel owns one of the most important collections of cubism in the world thanks to Raoul La Roche (1889-1965), the Basel conservationist. Along with Paris Center Pompidou, the museum has assembled a large exhibition of about 130 works.

"Cosmos Cubism: Picasso Léger" points to Picasso and Braque, but also combines the works of Juan Gris, Fernand Léger, Sonja Delaunay and others. Development is being developed since the early 1908 to illuminate Cubism "on all sides" when curator Eva Reifert said on Thursday before the media.

The exhibition will be shown in Basel on March 30-March 4. August 2019. It was opened in Paris on 17 October.

The South African artist William Kentridge organizes the exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Basel / Gegenwart on August 8-13. October. Kentridge is a visual artist, filmmaker and director. The exhibition by Josef Helfenstein, the director of the Art Museum, shows the artist's early work and the latest productions.

The latter includes the first museum adaptation to production "The Head & The Load", which was presented last summer in London's Tate Modern. The exhibition, designed in collaboration with the artist, is the premiere of the three floors of all modern art museum buildings.

The three important events in the Kunstmuseum's rooms for the coming year is Visiting Exhibition: Historical Museum Basel presents the Basilica Cathedral's dedication to the 1000th anniversary of the 11th October 2019 to January 19, 2020 "Gold & Glory forever". Congregation took place in 1019 in the presence of Emperor Henry II.

The contributions of the last Otton emperor contributed greatly to the development of the city and region. The exhibition highlights European and foreign beads, including the golden altar of Henry II donated by the historian Marc Fehlmann to Basel after decades.

The exhibitions of the Art Museum are dedicated to Leiko Ikemura, Helmut Federle and Max Sulzbachner, as well as to the collection of Hans and Monika Furer Rémy Zaugg's works and the early collections of Louise Bachofen-Burckhardt's old collections. In addition to other things, the theater with Basel works with some 20 Swiss authors.

"Everything Clear" gave the Museum of Art an Original Data Examination. According to Anita Haldemann, Director of the Kupferstichkabinett, a review of works for the collection of the 1933-1945 period revealed that none of the so-called looted skills were due.

Federal Office (BAK) supported 380 works. More than 90% of this origin could be completely clarified and harmless. The rest are small gaps, but "no worries" to prepare. The museum wants to continue research and establish a source of solid origin in the house.

Helfenstein also presented a new management structure for the Kunstmuseum, which includes four business areas including Art & Science, Art Care, Marketing & Development and Finance & Operations. The structure follows the operational analysis presented in the autumn. It should enter into force in 2019.

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