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The latest Swiss keyboard for iPad in everyday life


Also, the second theoretical disadvantage of the radio link has not been observed in everyday life. The connection between the tablet and the keyboard was very stable. Yes, so stable that I forgot that after a few days these two devices are connected to the radio.

Even the Apple Developers Conference had no problems. There was no problem with the Logitech keyboard, which had about 6,000 guests and more smartphones, cameras, laptops, tablets, and other devices.

Only if you start typing for a long time after writing, it is sometimes necessary to wait a moment after the first keystroke or press the first letter key twice.

Light in the dark

Once again, the Logitech keyboard is particularly attractive in the dark. Productive writers like me are not necessary. But essential for relaxed dump trucks. Positive again also descends into additional options for iPad, such as Home, Play, Pause, Volume Up, Volume Down and so on. Apple's own keyboard lacks everything.

And yes, it wrote well on the keyboard. The keys are more than the Apple iPad keyboard. But keyboards are known to be subjective. Therefore, it is recommended to taste before buying.

Otherwise: In the case of Apple, the Logitech Tasturhülle has a similar large opening for the iPad. If the next iPad Pro gets a dual camera, the keyboard should also fit, so Apple won't change anything on the device.

conclusion:Anyone looking for a keyboard for the new iPad Pro and having no problem with it, if it is a little thicker and heavier than Apple's own range, enjoys the Logitech keyboard. It's not the most elegant and original, but the most pragmatic of the iPad's keyboards.

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