Monday , August 2 2021

This judgment saves the repayment of millions of banks' banks to customers

(AP) Together The Spanish Supreme Court has decided on banks and their clients. Banks therefore save several billion euros in repayments. The Tribunal Supremo seals the grant of a mortgage loan to a client in Spain and not to the bank, but it pays the costs of signing the contract, as the media reports to Madrid.

By this decision, the court changed its judgment, which was published just over two weeks ago. At that time, the judges decided that banks had to pay the costs.

VAT agency Moody's estimated that the first decision on expected recovery would have cost more than four billion euros. The Banking Customers' Organization (Asufin) talked up to over EUR 30 billion. But bosses can now breathe easily.

The decision in the banking sector was 15-13 votes after two days of negotiations. The Supreme Court upheld the review of the judgment of 18 October with the "tremendous economic and social consequences". A new decision on consumer organizations and left-wing parties is now called a "scandal".

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