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Beijing Tianze research institute was suppressed and its consulting company hangs – News – Rti Central Radio Station

Beijing Tianze research institute was suppressed and its consulting company hangs – News – Rti Central Radio Station


  • Time: 2018-11-11 21:21
  • Newspaper: Central Office
  • Written editor: Zhang Ziqing

China's liberal private brainstorming Tianze Economic Research Institute has repeatedly been suppressed by the government, and its consulting firm has been canceled a license to Beijing City Council. The Tianze Institute issued a statement on the ninth day and stated that Beijing's business did not meet the "private enterprise protection" principle emphasized by China's Secretary-General, Xi Jinping.

China Voice of America (Voice of America) announced that Tianze Research Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Tianze Research Institute of Beijing has canceled its business license at the Haidian Department of the Beijing Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

The Tianze Institute issued a statement stating that the Chinese official decided to revoke the company's license, to which Tianze heard after the hearing. However, the official did not explain why, after hearing the oral examination, the company's statements were not accepted.

The statement also mentioned that the penalty for withdrawing the license was "a misnomer, misrepresentation of evidence that is being carried out at the wrong time and place", not because of the Chinese constitution and the legal meaning of "maintaining the market". And goodwill "to protect the financial freedom of companies".

The statement said: the so-called "wrong time", "is in contact with Xi Jinping and (Chinese Deputy Prime Minister) Liu Liu has repeatedly stressed the need to" protect private enterprises. "The so-called" wrong place "is a national demonstration effect in Beijing.

Tianze Economic Research is famous for its liberal status, but has been repeatedly suppressed this year. The Beijing office door was welded and locked on July 10 and had to move.

Sheng Hong, director of the Tianze Economic Research Institute, announced on November 4 publicly that he was planning to go to Harvard University in the United States to attend a 40-year seminar on China's reform and opening up, but did not allow the country to "endanger national security".

Non-Chinese researcher Deng Yuwen said that another researcher at Tianze Institute Zhang Shuguang could not travel to the United States to attend the same seminar because he did not have a visa.

Sheng Honghe's encounter with Zhang Shuguang has caused many people in the spiritual circle to discuss.

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