Monday , April 12 2021

The Qing & # 39; an loan will be renewed next year The Treasury will shortly announce a one-off rate of 1.68% |钜 亨 网 – Taiwan's political economy

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the investment fund of the Youth Fund and the family allowance and intends to add a one-off rate of 1.68% to the current two-stage interest rate. The draft has been submitted to the Executive Yuan for approval at the end of the last month. The results will be released in the near future. .

To ease youth exchanges, the Ministry of Finance has transferred the loans from Qingan to the public stocks of the transferred investments from 2010. By the end of September this year, a total of 268,000 loans were granted and the total amount of loans was NT $ 1.73 but not at all Interest deductions from the private private banks, the Qingan- the number of new mortgage loans has fallen below 20 percent.

Ministry of Finance official said that the current two-stage interest rate for Qing's loans, the first two-year interest rate calculation is based on a two-year fixed deposit deposit savings plus 0.345 percentage points, about 1.44%, but by the third year it posted 2 Annual reserve rate increased by 0.645 percentage points and the interest rate rose to 1.74%, which is higher than the preferential interest rate of private banks' home loans. The creation of privileged insurance for mortgages is more expensive than commercial banks.

In order to take account of developments in the market, the Ministry of Finance intends to increase the 1.68% interest rate in the current two-step interest rate that the public can choose.

Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Jiang Yongchang said today (12) that the Qinghai loan is a one-off interest rate of 1.68 percent, still at the highest average interest rate on the newly established mortgage of five, ie 1.62 percent. The incentive for interest rate guarantees is inadequate.

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