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100 Million Pop Out! Company? Miss Universe Contest

I have to break the band. There is disruption. No end Because young business people claim it. Very corrupt As well as the famous broken And lost more than a hundred million. impatient Thai Pop's Miss Universe 2018 Miss Universe drama couple former copyright holder TW InInvestment Group leader Thanawat Wandee, TW Inverstment Group no longer accepts. Many people noticed. Why do not you have a competition?

Last published press release. Emperor Room, on the 28th floor, Pacific City Club, Sukhumvit Road will open the snake. For former employees from the beginning. Girlfriend guess is not hard to refer Make Matching Somchai Biasutthanon, the latest copyright holder. Miss Universe 2018 Miss Universe Competition in Thailand

Thongchai Piyaporn Sansakosik, Narong Lertkisiri and TPN 2018 Co., Ltd., have established a new company, TPN 2018 Co., Ltd., to acquire rights to the Miss Universe 2018 competition from Pop Tanawat. Miss Universe Congressman Paula M. Suguag agreed. And you have a press conference with it. In October at the Dusit Thani Hotel

Prepare well I do not want to end the pop, Tanawat Open your mind carefully online for entertainment. How much is being charged for damages? A former partner who escaped the Miss Universe contest for us? "Use full rights," tell the number who applies for a lawsuit. "I can not tell you now". Sue in competition or that. Miss Universe interview? "Soon," a summary sues? "When are you going?"

Next month? "It would be quick." Have not set a clear day? "Yes," he said. Are we talking about? "No, because it's cooperation" Miss Universe Contest. We did not pay the balance. "Payments are made in several installments." Is the last installment paid under the terms? "No last installment". How many remaining items have not yet been paid to Miss Universe? "I have many times, the former partners did not take the money to invest." As agreed, I have problems with the problem. "

We are convinced of the evidence. Where are we going to win the lawsuit? "How an attorney says she's smiling" wins more than 100%? "Lawyers make a big percentage (smile)." Can you block the Miss Universe interview in Thailand? "This is at the discretion of the Legal Service".

Our Intentions I want to give Miss Universe the challenge. Or is there a lawsuit during the competition? "Where appropriate case. It depends on the legal department. I'm ready to go. In my opinion, no need to wait." One hundred million baht, which is the maximum we Miss Universe. Now the competition. I did not pay one night. "Right for me"

Condemns Miss Universe Congressman Paula M. Sugu? "I do not know yet," the lawyer said. "(Smile)" Make a page Answer that we own. Is not the practice compatible with Matching Technique as a partner? "This is the view, on the other hand, I have to ask him if he is funny, am I a partner?

The only thing I can think of is that I can not do it. Which is more? "I was always right, I have to use it, it's like we do it, we use it right, what do you want to do with a former partner, Do Matching?" (Try to smile) "Think Miss Universe is coming in Thailand. "This is not a question. (Laugh a bit) to make people choose themselves better "

Previously, the government. Did you donate? "It was in the negotiations, this is the support committee that we went forward." We are now divided. What about the government? "Stop Now", you really do pop. I specialized in new business show, who is wrong. That is enough to question the suspicious. Why can not this be missed? "(Smile) It's the process, take this. It's not just one element, it has many components." Which of us do not mind? "Allow the court to consider it, I went to a lot of business, I have to find something To make this happen"

Because we believe too much? "It's part. But I think the business. We have to meet already trust. Before you decide to do business together. I agree that trust is there. If it is an opportunistic process is possible," We are very corrupt now, too much credit. "Yes, of course," he said. "What would be a great project to do?" What do you expect? More than beauty (laughs).

Previously mediation is possible. With a former partner or not. Do I have to speak only in court? "If it can be solved, I have no problem, I do not want to extend it, you want a refund Is it right?" Are you going to pay us back for at least a hundred million? "" That's it. It's offline Wait for a lawyer to conclude, "Are you sure pop is right?" Show "that the other half is not okay?" (Soft smile) "

In a press release, Tanawat said: "The company reiterated that there was no idea, we would like to see the success of the event, which is very useful for Thailand as a whole, as well as financially for tourism, image and trust in Thailand's international eyes. is both a public and a private sector Support for co-operation "

"We have to rely on the legal system to help protect the business sector from acting, based on honesty, openness, breach of a business deal, and the company is concerned and unwilling to see those who can participate in this event."

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