Monday , August 2 2021

I'm not sure what to do. "Chatuchak Weekend Market", administered by Bangkok on December 1, receives a rental price of 169 million Baht per year.

Transfer Chatuchak's weekend equipment to Bangkok.

The train speeds up the transfer. "Chatuchak Weekend Market", run by Bangkok on December 1, receives $ 169 million a year's rent.

Transfer Chatuchak's weekend equipment to Bangkok. – Deputy Managing Director Voravut Mala, property management business Governor of the Thai State Railways (SRT) revealed that the government (government) on September 9, agreed with the SRT from Bangkok to Bangkok. Chatuchak Weekend Market According to Cabinet (Cabinet) resolution of November 6 to solve the problem of panel rental rates of traders Chatuchak weekend market, SRT has sent the matter to the Ministry of Transport and reports. The MOU is then transferred to Chatuchak's weekend shop management. As soon as possible.

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration charges retailers a monthly fee of 1,800 Bt, lower than SRT's rent. In Bangkok, it costs 3 157 baht per month per month and it costs $ 450 a year to SRT.

It is expected to sign up with Bangkok by the end of November to allow Bangkok's administration to enter into force on 1 December and sign again with Bangkok, which will enter into force on December 1. Said Worawuth

News from SRT. It was said that the matter was in line with the government's resolution and the 5th government administration reform, according to Deputy Prime Minister Gen. Pravitos with Vongsuwan on 12 September 2061, and decided to lower the tax rate. Chatuchak Weekend Market Rentals are 1800 baht per panel per month. From the current train. At a speed of 3 157 baht per panel per month.

If SRT manages the market itself and lowers 1,800 baht per month, the net profit of the Jatujak market will decrease from an average of 213.29 million Baht per year to 58.67 million baht per year. Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has enough profits and can pay rent to SRT. The Cabinet approved the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of the Interior for some 169 million years, such as 6 November. Transfer responsibility to Bangkok's Chatuchak market management in Bangkok quickly.

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration leases 68 square meters of land and 88 square meters of land by rail until 2571, according to Phaholyoth's Phaholyoth D commercial development plan. However, Bangkok can not conclude a contract with the lessee to pay for the train until the panel leases all the debt.

News from SRT. I'm not sure whether this is so. Between 2004 and 2011, Bangkok met with the arrival of 175 million baht and 88 million baht senior executives. Bangkok paid the Chatuchak Weekend Market at least 1.6 million baht per year. Only 24 million baht per year This is a very low return on commercial value in the area.

Later on, the SRT Jatujakin market in 2012-2060 has shown that the organization has increased its profit and revenue during 2012. In 2012, rail traffic revenue was 238 million baht and gained 85 million baht in 2013, 425 million in revenue. The company is expected to generate Bt226mn net sales in FY2014, Bt343mn's net sales and Bt243mn's net sales. Turnover for 2010 is Bt391mn and profit Bt229mn. Revenues EUR 375 million. Baht and 177 million.

Chatuchak's weekend. A total of 9,495 panels were collected for the total number of trains, representing 94 percent of the total panels of 3 157 baht per panel and combined with other revenue. As a result, the railway. Chatuchak Weekend has an average turnover of 389.31 million baht and an average net profit of 213.29 million baht.

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