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10 November 2018


Reveals the New Dimension for Laser Waxing "NU PICO" from Innovative Melasma Treatment in the United States.

Today, the Thai people's skin problems. It can not escape acne, freckles, black spots or tattoos, which is a problem with the Thai for a long time. Hot and strong sun can be caused. In addition, skin product selection is another important factor, such as skin care, which does not meet certain drug standards, etc. The latest advances in medical advances have advanced in laser technology. Inventions have been made to facilitate previously difficult shards, dark spots and tattoos. Do not worry about the wound back in black anymore.

Romrawin Clinic Consider the importance of this matter. It's started. "NU PICO " Innovation to reduce melanoma. The Food and Drug Administration has certified Laser. And medicines both from home and abroad. US FDA andThai FDA This innovation is very popular in the United States. Because it can reduce all tattoo colors. Using the light transmission method. Under the skin just one trillion seconds. Melanin pigmentation accumulates on both the skin and the superficial layer. What causes dark spots. Or even dye tattoos. Hide small particles. Immediately without heat under the skin. It can also destroy skin pigmentation disorders such as freckles, freckles, etc. Can be treated in all skin colors. It does not affect other skin areas. Or scars, black marks and burns.

This innovation takes less time than other methods. Because in Every Therapy Technique Experienced Doctors. As a result, effective treatment can be evaluated free of charge in 25 clinics nationwide. For more information, visit 080-153-9000.

For more information, please contact: Triple P Connection Co., Ltd.

Chaiyarun Jiriyawutha (Ray) tel. 095-554-5135

Nuchanat Jittin (Pattaya) tel. 085-327-7400

Prapasorn Smok Sukun (Prang) tel. 081-975-2231

Mr. Chatchanuch Saksakul (Non) tel. 086-556-7746


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