Friday , June 18 2021

Samsung Introduces Infinity Flex Screen And One Interface: Smart Models Fold Up With "Really Works"

At the SDC Developer Conference (SDC), Samsung introduced the Infinity Flex Display fold-down display and the One UI interface on smartphones. Samsung folding screen and other Samsung devices.

Infinity Flex screen

Samsung has launched the Infinity Flex screen for smartphones with folding screens that Samsung has developed for a long time. This reveals the design and functionality of a smartphone.

The Infinity Flex Display is a 7.3-inch OLED panel installed as the most important feature. This can be tilted vertically. Used on large screens. Foldable and easy to carry.

One interface

Using it. These folding smartphones are equipped with a single interface that Samsung has developed with Google and Android developers to design a user interface that sets the application status. Bottom of the screen

It also appears that the performance at the bottom of the screen is broken. Easy access to applications. Even with one hand.

One interface shows the results of the tablet. The user can fully work with a screen of 7.3 inches and when the screen is closed, it can display up to three applications at the same time.

One user interface is also installed on other smartphones that do not use Samsung's folding screen.

technology challenge

Samsung has announced that its folding smartphones will be launched shortly and announced that it will begin production in the coming months.

In the production process of the Infinity Flex screen, if you are considering features and applications, it can be seen that it is quite complicated.

  • Change from glass to new floor. Composite polymers have progressed. And flexible and durable.
  • The Infinity Flex screen is designed to close and expand several times. Whole life
  • When the screen is closed. The screen lock is tight enough for the device to operate smoothly.
  • The display is designed to be thinner than displaying other mobile devices, now about 45%

Samsung has officially released the Infinity Flex screen. And launching a foldable smartphone in the early days, fans are waiting for a touch screen smartphone that is designed to work. We update the information for you.

Reference: gsmarena

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