Sunday , August 1 2021


A great shopping year 11.11

ALIEN BABY begins the New Year's 11th anniversary in Singapore with people

A great shopping year 11.11 Lazarus Thai Managing Director James Tong reported that this year was the first year in which Lazarus and Alibaba At present, Alibaba Group, a Chinese holding company, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lazada Group. The Las Vegas event is Las Vegas, the 11.11 Shopping Festival, which is the largest shopping festival in the year. Which is to be held on November 11, which includes more than 400 brands and retail stores. It is expected that over one billion people will be selling in Las Vegas and Alibaba shopping areas.

"Now, Lazarus Logistics is ready, Alibaba's premier technology innovation Completely upgrading the system, including customer service, at Las Vegas's big shopping season, the Bangkok 11.11 acquisition will be delivered within 1 day and is currently improving its ability to deliver in Bangkok for 1 hour or at least 30 minutes . "

However, before the big 11/11 shopping festival, November 1 at 10 Midnight Surprise gift card for use on the 11th and 11th. There are also over 200,000 discount and 4-player promotions available. The Mercedes-Benz C220d is worth 2.39 billion Bt. This activity is Las Vegas's largest activity. Every year there are three major events in Lhasa: the birthday of 9th, 9th and Las Vegas's 11th largest activity.

At the moment, the Thai e-commerce market is growing. And as growth continues. Currently, LASDAA is 2% in China, 20% in the US and 12% in the US, but is expected to grow over the next five years. From now on, 50 million Thai people use the Internet. Or e-commerce 25%, up 10% last year, and believe that in 5 years the share will increase by 60%

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