Fatih Terim: "" Gayr grain, street off the street. Do you know again, gentleman …


UEFA Champions League Group D Galatasaray won today 2-0 in the Schalke 04 match. In his speech at the press conference after the meeting, Fatih Terim made important statements.

Fatih Terim, who started a press conference by evaluating the match with Schalke 04, said: "There is a great failure to start the game, because we had a goal when we started a zero defeat and we could balance the game after a few minutes of shock. .

Terim, who said they played willingly and hoped for in the match, said they could not change the score yet. Fatih Terim "We eat the goal simply, but we can not change: Porto is 10-12 places more easily than they could not have given them, because when Schalke was a judge after the game we left the game, congratulations to Schalke, played better than we and they won . "format.

Fenerbahce after the match, referring to the events Fatih Terim "Maybe we are fighting sports issues and trying to find a solution, but after inserting the needle, the needle is an external matter that lets the bag to be emptied. 2-0 continued to field management who had to lower the team's team to sabotage the game before the decisions it took or did not get or missed, then the honors and we turbulent and us, sometimes a jetty, sometimes you can watch people from the tribune.

"I think those who have caused events to this dimension should also be subject to the evaluation procedure." Put your hand on your own own side that has worked for you to see who has changed the agenda? "Fatih Terim, the team or the people is not today. Galatasaray must be seen as a battle against Galatasaray, they must work together with Galatasaray Galatasaray and Fatih Terim, who are uncomfortable seeing a big picture when squeezing, the thrust is not afraid to look for the right to appear. there are a few formations, "he said.

Despite the lack of players at Fatih Terimi, "In front of the Champions League opponents, we are in UEFA's day, it's not good to look at what's wrong, I've never been intent on catching up." Is this the judge who shakes the swallow? Ask, the purpose of the question, I'm not shameful. That's why you come to this match. in terms of.

Judge Fırat Aydınus related "If he believes he is the right match, he calls two players with a yellow card, then the match ends, and I did not threaten anything" you did all the provokeyi "in the words" Yes, I'm not hiding. "

"He certainly will not accept the behavior, but Hassan will have to wait for someone to punish him without punishing him for a certain technical man and nature." If he has something else, I also have to decide if we have something to do with it. said.

The term "Criminal What Happens" will not be aware of what is not yet, but we have 11 people on the ground. Only to do their job does not go to 11, the penalty area is not sure but likely to be played dead. At the press conference I was not aware of it, and then they said: The first thing I said at the press conference, was that I am sorry for my child that I had sorrow and grace of the child's death. I condemn those who use them to change immoral things. " he said.

Fatih Terim "Look, friends, we forget everything quickly, Play-Off appeared overnight, you remember too far, last match, two dead in Galatasaraya, Play-Off would not die if it were not, do we guess anyone who wants this country more in the 1990s, century, I am one of the first people who say that there is no life, no success, no profit and no profit can never be replaced. How can I put in any other place? he said.

I still have one thing. When my fans do choreography or when I raise my voice to Galatasaray, unfortunately, these and other things are said to me.

He said he did his best to ensure that this community could not be overcome. "All I have to say is that we have more work to do our common dream." he said.

"It's informal and the street bully, he talks again with the gentleman, the more water?" "If you keep from above, go over and use such expressions as street people, it is not suitable for Ali Koc's vision." I hope I'm not wrong. "- GELSEN KIRCHEN


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