Wednesday , April 14 2021

Fatih Terimin PFDK-shock! New punishment …

PFDK's decision on Mustafa Cengiz and Fatih Terim was announced. PFDK, Galatasaray President Mustafa Cengiz expelled the penalty 60 days by issuing 7 punishment for the formerly betrayed coach Fatih Terim as sports-based statements issued three more punishment. The total amount of the term was 10.

The TFF site description is as follows:

"Decisions taken by the Disciplinary Committee of Professional Football Club No 29 of 13 November 2018 are as follows.

On April 6, 2015, on the official website of the club GALATASARAY A.Ş. will be punished with 135,000 TL for the money, based on an inappropriate statement.

GALATASARAY INC. President MUSTAFA CENGİZ, on the official website of the club on the 60th DAYS OF TENDER and the 40,000th TL punishment,

GALATASARAY INC. President MUSTAFA CENGİZ, 06.11.2018, because of his explanations, was sent to the media because of the explanations of the offenses, because no elements were created,

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GALATASARAY INC. FATİH TERİM, which is technically responsible, is penalized for PROCESS TO REPRESENT OFFICE ROOM AND CHANGE CLUB and 14,000. TL for money, 3.

It was decided. "

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