Hakkari news Young girls' solution to the problem!


In the Yüksekova area of ​​Hakkari, two young girls who work against obesity find a solution to the problem of citizens' weight with the Selenin Pain Management Center.

Two of the entrepreneurs are young girls, 100 members are fighting overweight. Beyan and Nuran Selen, who fight diseases such as vomiting, diabetes, heart disease, paralysis, respiratory problems, cholesterol and chronic fatigue, seem to be of great interest to the public.

Selen Weight Management Center Nutrition Advisor Beyan and Nuran Selen, who touch the lives of people who want to change, said: The head of obesity is going. One in three people in Turkey are obese. We are trying to help people in this respect. We've got many results here. Our goal is to change people's lifestyle and diet. Our goal is to save Hakkari, Yüksekova, Şemdinli, Çukurca, Esendere and the whole area by their weight. We hope everyone has a happy life, they said.

Citizens applying for the Selenium Weight Management Center have stated that they have achieved positive results. "When we used these foods, we said that we did not, but we looked at the one who helped us lose weight, and we are very happy with it, and then we continue to have a healthy life for our future and we know the obesity.

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