Wednesday , March 3 2021

High school student died brutally – 3.SUNFA News

KAHRAMANMARAŞ Türkoğlu area, the young woman's body was found in forests. Police departed from the pants of an unknown body and belonged to Fatma Nur Karaoğlan (18). (17) has decided that it is.


Yesterday afternoon, women's bodies found in the forest channel of the Turkoglu town were found by close people. When investigating a police incident, the announcement body was a young woman and a dead object was killed. The police set up a special group to find out who was in the body without a tag. Amirligi, a search agency for the indictment agency, investigated recent "missing" applications and social media accounts for missing persons. On October 8, the team decided that high school student Fatma Nur Karaoğlan, who left his home in Türkoğlu City on October 8, had the same trousers as his trousers. His family was diagnosed with Karaoğlan & apos; s found when the body was detected.


The special group took the testimony of young girls' interviewers and friends to find Karaoğlan's killer. O.A., a high school pupil who crossed the controversial statements he investigated for security. he pleaded guilty. O.A. in his statement he met a young girl from time to time and met them in the forest area next to the promenade a month ago.

After the query is sent to the court Ö.A. He was arrested.

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