Wednesday , March 3 2021

In Afghanistan, the FETÖ school building

Even though FETÖ's members tried to prevent start-up students, the security forces carried out the action at the school by a court decision, and then the school transfer process was started.

Herlar Governor's Office spokeswoman Ceylani Farhad, AA said in a statement on the correspondent, an agreement between Turkey and Afghanistan, he later said to modify Turkey's school security operations to be transferred to the Ministry of Education Foundation's Afghan authorities before the management schools.

Security forces to enter the school through a court ruling found that Farhad said that the school leadership will begin the transfer process Turkey Maarif Foundation.

Afghan authorities in Turkey The Maarif Foundation on the invitation of the country's Afghan leader of the country causing the Uludag countries between the FETO school in Afghanistan as part of the training contract management and transferring the foundation of responsibility to the north of the country in this regard that in the Jowzja province said two schools and they received two in their home country.

At school in Afghanistan, the authorities of Herat declared Turkey started the process for submission to the Ministry of Education Foundation Uludag, "No one cares about we have better quality and modern education system for Afghan brothers on our services," he said.

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