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Marmara's owners have received millions of pounds from IMM!


The owners of Marmara, which serves camera recordings, have many offers.

Fox TV Presenter Please contact directly at İsmailGörüntüler violates the law on the protection of personal data Marmara family-run hotel Municipality of Istanbul CityIt turned out that the construction offer received millions of pounds.

Mr Küçükkaya, who oversaw the joint publication of the Binali Yıldırım – Ekrem İmamoğlu publication on 16 June, was charged with having a "secret meeting at the hotel in La İmamoğlu before the program was delivered to the press when he entered the hotel.

Küçükkaya said there was no secret meeting that he met both candidates and that they were part of the party.

It turns out that the Gürsel family, owner of the Marmara Hotel, has received millions of pounds from the IMM.

According to İsmail Şahin's spokesman, the family Kiska-Kom Construction Company received the following projects:

– Dolmabahçe – Dolapdere – Piyalepaşa – Kağıthane Tunnel

– Electromechanical work on the Bomonti – Dolmabahçe tunnel

– Kağıthane – Electromechanical work of Piyalepaşan tunnel

Completion of incomplete manufacture of the tunnels in the Kağıthanen – Piyalepaş and Bomonti – Dolmabahçe

– Construction of the crossing and road construction of the Kağıthane tunnel portal area

– Fulya – Building a tunnel

– Altunizade – Çamlıcan Road Construction

– Recovering of Kadıköy Kurbagali stream and marine structure

– ISKI Construction of reinforced concrete pipes in the Asian region

– İSİ European wastewater channel in 1st region, rainwater canal, power rehabilitation.

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