Nergis Kumbasar: Sıla-Ahmet Kural's news is upset – News from the magazine


Actor Nergis Kumbasar, shocking at the late days of Ahmet Kural's Sıla & amp; amp; rule, told his colleague "can be treated," he comments.

Interview with Nergis Kumbasar from Hale Ceylan's Barlas in Sözcü is as follows:

What do you think about the recent magazine events? First Arda Turan-Berkay, then Ahmet Kural-Sıla …

Years ago, the first release I wrote about "My Person" was released on the channel and Ahmet Kural had played in the show. Ahmet had played the character so well that I have always met her manager. So I was following this news and I went in shock. I'm really surprised.

You do not expect to know such violence.

Yes, but in such cases I always trust the woman's announcement. Why? Because, as I follow the news, Ahmet has a tendency to the past violence. And I think it's alcohol. This is a very painful and bad thing. I think that is a prerequisite. I want people to see such problems themselves and to deal with it. And I congratulate Silva for not being silent. Every woman should not be closed. Someone "my reputation has shaken," she stops, who "she loves me", she said the silence that "left me", she does not speak. When it gets weaker, people who do not do this do not get treatment or stop violence. Meanwhile, very interesting, astrologers from last month "Do not go back to your old relationships," he says. Of course, the matter has gone through the jurisdiction, and we can not know what happened between the four walls. So I can not make too many comments.



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