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News: Meral Aksener Erdogan's response to the apology!


Ekrem İmamoğlu, candidate for Mayor of the capital of Istanbul, organized a rally in Çatalca. IMamoğlu & # 39; s GOOD Party Leader Meral Aksener, Mayor of Ankara Mansur Yavaş also included.


Imamoglu, who began his speech with the words "Russia", says that it is fun to think of man "," We are a country that exports agricultural products worth $ 26 million in ten years. "On the contrary, we have become a country that brings billions of pounds. We, the municipalities, the local government, which supports and monitors the city of 16 million countries, have a good understanding of every reflex that makes understanding. We support agriculture at the highest level in the 150 villages of this city. Çatalca is one of Istanbul's most important day-trips. elected mayor of respect 39 the Istanbul mayor of Me, this city elected mayor, I, the IMM.. the chairman, enjoy the work I'm not the mayor, who has the maintenance instructions I'm the one who gets the instructions in the people of your stay, if I'd chosen another party, we will… A photograph of people who do not participate in the service stand behind and spectacular t its people. "

RA Despite the end of his duties, he travels with the prime minister's tools.

Do you know the musicians, right? İm İmamoğlu asked: "We laugh abundantly. Hani," Who comes, regardless of income support, "he said, or our opponents. What happened? Did he meet the performer or not? Whoa, who! Cry or laugh. You are shocked. the muzzle and the ministers responsible for Ekrem, think this way. "Either we could. The nation runs with Ekrem, Mr President should come and he should say something." E says.

As a citizen of this country, I hope that the President of the Republic will not come to the square. The chairman is a statesman. One wants people not to be involved. At least we see who we are competing with. But they didn't choose it. They started to say. You know, they said, "Pontus, they said" in Greek, and now they said "Sisi". I do not understand what you're saying. They make up something from morning to night.

Meanwhile, the village m mızıkçısı, as if he had found something great, ”the municipality of Ekrem İmamoğlu Beylikdüzy, with 6.5 million TL, says the Court's reports,” he says. Here I would like to thank Mr Mızıkçı, Mr Binali Yıldırım for reminding me of this. I am a trial that will give municipal Beylikdüzyn employee paid more than the maximum fee provided for in the legislation. I swear that I will not be condemned to set up a vehicle like someone I am not condemned to allocate resources to a human being like someone. I am the proceedings before the Court of Auditors to give the employee what he or she is entitled to. Nice halal. We forgot, thank him for renewing the gospel. 82,000 IMM employees meet in a period of moral rule and meet a mayor who gives them moral support.

We do the administration of this authority and many kingdoms and turn to waste by removing waste. I have a brother who is driving his own car for six years. Instead of reviewing the Court's reports, Mr Yıldırım read the reports of the Court of Auditors in Istanbul. I sent him a report.

When I went to this common area with my own car, he ended up serving the Prime Minister's car, even though he had done his job many years ago. Ask her to change her car, brother

"Has anyone shown him paper as a tea?"

At the end of the joint publication "Thank you for all of the original and free will" remind that Imamoglu, "I thought a few minutes later to thank. They have to even ask you to give thanks. Such a policy is not. I did not hesitate when he invited me to tea without asking. Or is someone showed him a piece of paper, and invite them and invited him? I look forward to calling. I say, call us on the road, we make these people laugh a bit. Let these people relax. Isn't it a shame to the people? I feel it. When everyone sees me, it's like relieving We should still remind them of their tea party.

No matter how tense they are not going so. I came to unite and reconcile this people. They said it was time to cool the hot iron after the election. On June 23, the nation reveals its will. Millet elects the mayor of Istanbul. Then they make the same phrases.

I particularly support the citizens who voted in favor of the AK party. On the way to the election, the judiciary decided as follows: Although Imamoglu was elected, his president would be in trouble. Erdoğan, who uses such a language, knows best how important the nation's will is, where he comes from the will of the nation, and that the nation is both the mayor and the president when he says he can't even be Mukhtar. I refer to those who speak these threatening words. I trust in the conscientiousness of the AK party. They seized the nation's confidence. They disturbed us. They disturbed our children. We did what we said in 18 days. When E did this, they were a little surprised and stressed. There are no restrictions on the service. We came to serve this city. We came to solve the problems of this city. We do a lot of work. "


Referring to election-related inquiries, Imamoglu said, “Queryfury started. I look at the votes hesitantly, but my face laughs. The actual query is in the voting box. Oh, don't. I say to my colleagues who have not yet come to Istanbul here. We have to pass the Sunday survey successfully


Imamoglu told reporters after Imamoglu GOOD Party chairperson Meral Aksenerin what waste is saying.. "Big Brother, went to defense more than 20 thousand party Martili know the feed from the receiving palkalta I am not allowed Çatalcalın Even if the child is unemployed, his son gets a loan daughters get married, it is clear. that the people who sit in six thousand cars eat the servants right. In 1994, Istanbul owed $ 2 billion. Does the service borrow $ 20 billion and transfer it to Çatalcal, Istanbulites, his schoolmate, this bus and contractors? Haram. When we re-elect the President of Ekrem on June 23 by re-enacting Mazbatasın and blowing up these sheets by voting, they claim to serve Istanbul, but they betray Istanbul, as Erdogan said.


Akşener said that the Presidential Union said until March 31: “Illet, Zillet Ak and said: dil The language we use to prevent brotherhood has prevented them. They said evil, no. Zillet said, right. They said they were terrorists. Istanbulite, President of Ekrem, President of Ankara Mansur. When none of them did, the last job was trapped otherwise. They are ashamed of the famous TV show, shame. Mr. Binali Yildirim made the ministry for years. He served as prime minister, chairman of the assembly, but still got into his car. They are used to it. But very interesting. The mayor of Istanbul, Yildirim, said that Istanbul had decided to manage for 5 years and did not read the Court's report. Ekrem Mayor read it. What is the severity? Did the ministry do this grief? Did you become prime minister in this sadness? Zamanında I did this at the Ministry of Transport, I did it, "the citizens died. You didn't come out and apologize


Gibi I want to say like a groom. Akşener said, Elli Now, my brother Binali Yıldırım and Ekrem İmamoğlu competed, but Mr. Erdoğan came down on the stage. He says, “If he doesn't apologize to the army governor, he can't come to the office.” This people chooses you. Don't be unfair, not yours. However, let us be in this apology. So, Gaziantep, our compatriot, "Ox," he said that the assistant apologized? Are you asking for an apology? Did you ask for an apology from the Minister of Agriculture, who called half the people "Adiler"? Did you apologize to the farmer you said, so take your mother too beautiful? Mr. Bahceli told you, "You are dark, you are asking for an apology. Did you call Bahceli" racist, fascist "?


Akşener stated that the Republican candidate Binali Yıldırım was inadequate in this area and said: Erdogan, March 31, is the most severe, hateful and discriminatory language that landed through the field. When he landed in the palace, he broke the citizen. He said: “You vote for either Sisi or Binali Yıldırım on 23 June. Do you know who Sisi is? Sisi is a dictator who crashes the elected president. Well, you chose Ekrem İmamoğlu. Does he look like Sisi, who threw him out and replaced him? Ekrem İmamoğlu? Half of the media, 100% of the pool's media. Sisi, who is in the hands of all the media, does he show Erdoğan or Ekrem İmamoğlulla? "

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