Thursday , February 25 2021

Özgü Namal's new job – newspaper news

Actress Özgü Namal is tired of the city's life. He moved with her husband Serdar Oral with Köyceğiz, Muğla. A couple with 2 children started living in a forest forest. Private Namal and his wife were inspired by the world-famous cheese in Serbia.

According to the calendar, obtained from Balkan beans in Belgrade and known as the world's most expensive cheese in Pula & # 39; cheese reputation to hear the special Namal and his wife, this cheese wrapped in the sleeves produced in Turkey. They bought Balkan donkeys to use their milk.

The couple began to grow donkeys to make fresh cheese. The reason that this cheese is too expensive is a rare donkey's milk.

The weight of cheeses produced from Asian milk described as breast milk is $ 1.

100 kilograms of milk is obtained from aces of milk and cheese in order to weigh 25 kilograms of donkey milk.


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