Wednesday , April 14 2021

Pit 42 is now in the air. Describe the details of the last episode (Show TV)!

In the hottest part 41; Idris, son of his son, Selim Koçovalı, acknowledged his story Meliha & # 39; ya about how much he loved how much he lost this destiny and how the most beautiful weaknesses in the world came to speak openly. In the last part of the pit; After a very limited time, finding a reliable chemist for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and raw materials found a new element for implementing the actions. In order to prevent Cochoval from preparing their raw materials and prevent them from delivering, they called the Karakuz chemist and asked them to put the mixture on the box to break the raw material structure. At this point, Kochoys reaches their goals. Muhsin, on the other hand, to show that the overwhelming power and the way to get rid of Idris' day, Idris pays this and Emm and Selim to persuade him to continue to bully movements in the nearby area, Muhsin and her men executed executions in the square. However, Akşın, Saadet ablasınıı lived in the statement that the life of his baby, but when he left Vartolu, continuing his pursuit of the pursuit of Saadetâ € ™ s pursuit has caused the shadow side of the goal due to Mahsun. After the laboratory is being conducted to reach Karakus pilgrimage raw material and mixed with the mixture that they place on the trailer at Cukun 42th, it is expected to be published as soon as possible. Here, according to the order received by Cetal Celasun, a certain kind of road to his known tune progression, Cumali's Nõn, who co-operated with him in the stage to prepare a weapon to guide and prepare a stroke for the Cukur 42 episode, was released.


Cukur 42nd episode trailer for high quality and powerful projects Show TV screens were released.


The chairman of the chairman Sinikka Ozturk, a scene that delights the stage to host the audience and the peak of the 42rd peak points in an accelerated manner, Gökhan Horzum, released on Monday 11 November at 20.00, will be broadcast on Show TV screens.


What was the last part of the pit?

In the last part of the pit; Aliço Nın Ersoy Nın helps to seize Yamaçi, Vartolu Vylan, and make new plans against Karakuzula. The question Selim had been wondering for years would lead to Idris's past. Father and son meet Idris's recognition of Melissa. Expecting is the moment when both meet. Celasun, Ayşe, and Karaca, who searched everywhere Akshia; angles opening up the problems of compressing Celasun. Sena shares Karaca's request for help and Akşın's situation on the slope. Cumali again knew how he knew by listening to Yamaç's Celasun Nunia, who was in the game, affecting the struggle between Koçovalılar and Karakuzular.

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