Wednesday , April 14 2021

Ruth is a punishment, but not a payer

The Supreme Radiation Theater Council (RTÜK) to cut administrative fines can not be collected on the basis of a report by the Court of Auditors. The government only charges 49 percent of the fine it had cut in five years. The collection rate has dropped to 34% last year.

Radio Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) cuts down on television broadcasting programs but does not collect money. In the TCA report, RTÜK was able to implement only 49.12 percent of 196 million 30 thousand 277 Turkish widows for a total of five years in 2013-2017.

According to the spokesperson; In 2013, the amount of penalties cut by the Supervisory Board, which collects 78 percent of the fine, grew, while the level of collection declined annually.

In 2014, the collection of penalties, which fell by 60%, was 47% in 2015, 24% in 2016 and 34% in the last year.


The Court's report did not include the names of publishers who had not paid. The report also reported the amount of fines. Over a period of five years, the total amount of the administrative fine 196 million 30 thousand 277 pounds 84 kuruş 33.84% of administrative penalties 66 million 342 thousand 12 pounds 50 thousand of cases opened, not collected 96 million 287 thousand 687 68.90 percent 84 shares per share .

26 million 947 thousand 435 kilograms of cases brought against the application for remission were rejected by the courts. 37 million 643 thousand 867 pounds in court proceedings are finalized in an approved trial, the report found that the publishing organizations expected 56 million 893 thousand 98 pounds, although no remedies have been paid.


The government's most punished programs were the marriage programs that decided the publication. In 2017, RTÜK penalized these programs for reasons such as the violation of general morality, intellectual values ​​and the protection of the family, and the use of slang words. The Supreme Council has often been fined 1 percent of advertising revenue for such violations, while 2 percent of marriages have been aggravated.

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