The committee defends statements by Ryan Donk and Garry Rodrigues


The Arbitration Committee was assembled to assess Galatasaray's partial objection to the fines imposed by the PFDK after the incident.

The arbitration tribunal dismissed the appeal of the Celtic-Red Club and confirmed the punishments imposed on Ryan Donk and Garry Rodrigues.

By this decision Garry Rodrigues 3, Ryan Donk will not play in 6 matches.

Here is an explanation of TFF:

"At the Extraordinary Meeting of 10 November 2018, the TFF Arbitration Court reviewed the agenda of its agenda (60) and made the following decisions (*).

1. E 2018/343 – Q.2018 / 344;

Galatasaray Sportif Industrial Commercial Yacht. Inc's football players Garry Mendes Rodrigues, Ryan Henk Donk appealed against the decision of 08.11.2018, dated E. 2018-2019 / 283 of 2018-2019 / 360. As a result of the negotiations;

Galatasaray Sportif Industrial Commercial Yacht. Garry Mendes Rodrigues is a football player against his opponent's attacker as FDT 44/1-a and 35/4. In accordance with Article 5 of the PDT, in accordance with Article 8 of the Convention; and it is understood that there is no shortage in defining a sentence.

– Galatasaray Sportif Industrial Commercial Yacht. Inc's footballer Ryan Henk Donk attacked 44/1 and 35/4. and a fine of 15,600.00 TL for the imposition of fines of 15,600.00.

It was decided. "


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