The minister wants a last minute description of a helicopter crash


Helicopter training at Istanbul Sancaktepen falls into the street, just 25 meters from the military area. 2 officers, 2 accidents were killed in an accident, Sergeant was seriously injured.

One of the eyewitnesses said the helicopter turned several times in the air and hit the wall of the house. State Secretary for Defense Hulusi Akar, who went to the scene, stressed that the pilots worked hard to prevent anyone. The effort of the heroes and the disappearance of the missing during the accident prevented the great disaster.

The message of Minister Akar was published in a post published by the Ministry of National Defense on the Twitter account.

"Our friends were martyred on November 26, 2018. I pray for the martyrs of the martyrs personally and in the name of the members of the Defense Ministry, our condolences to the wretched families and our feet to the people."


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